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Year 5



Year 5 had the opportunity to try out some yoga with Hannah. The children learned stretches, poses and breathing techniques. In addition to this, we did meditation which taught us how to be calm.


"It was very calming." - Eva


"We did meditation - it helped me to keep calm and focused." - Kylie


"It helped me to breathe and stay calm." - Casey


"It helped me to clear my mind." - George


"It helped me to stay calm, instead of moving around." - Shaun


A big thank you to Hannah from all of Year 5!

Puppet Making in Year 5


In English, the children are learning about the story of Beowulf. For part of their project, they are making monster puppets, so that they can create their own puppet show.

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Year 5's trip to The Rural Life Museum


For part of our Victorian's project, Year 5 visited The Rural Life Museum. The children learnt about what it was like to live in Victorian times. They found out about different artefacts, learnt how to cook drop scones and made a rag rug.


We had a thoroughly enjoyable day.


Thank you to Sandy and the rest of the team from The Rural Life Museum for having us.

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Reading for Pleasure!

Please see the suggested reading list below for books which will mesmerise, captivate, surprise and delight.

Year 5's Art Gallery

(23rd October 2018)


This week, after using inspiration for the book - 'Katie and and the British Artists' - the children created their own St Gildas Art Gallery in the school hall. The art gallery consisted of a range of pictures and 3D art  which was accompanied with stories that the children had written.


The children became tour guides as they guided peers and families around the gallery, talking about their work and learning. 


The adults were treated to hot drinks made and served by the children.


Thank you to all the parents and relatives that attended to make the children's day! And...



...Well done Year 5! We are all very proud of you!


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Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome back to school! September has come round very quickly and we’ve got an exciting and busy term ahead. I’ll post news and updates on our class page so please check back to make sure you don't miss anything.

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Picture 2 Miss. Travers
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Picture 5 Miss. Cole