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06.07.20 Crafty fun

  1. Create a Town in a Cardboard Box

If you have a giant cardboard box, why not draw a town on the bottom of the box, with roads, tracks, bridges, parks, car-parks, etc. Add some wooden building blocks, cars, trains and some wooden/plastic animals. Then let your  imagination run wild.

Why not put on a play or show of your own creation. Ask your parents what you can use for costumes and props – and don’t forget to ask your parents to film the final production!


2. Have a LEGO-Building Contest

One of my favourite rainy day activities is to spend the day having a LEGO-building contest. You could build anything from unicorns to yoda or rainbows to cars.

Don’t forget to try the LEGO challenge, which has 30 days worth of ideas for things to build.


3. Make a Collage

Do you have a stack of old magazines? Get them out, along with some paper, glue and other art supplies and have a collage-making session.


4, Make a Flippy Book/Moving Story

This one is a bit trickier; you may need some help from someone a bit bigger than you!  All you need is a drawing pad, and pencil.

Explain how the book works: that you draw an image in the same corner of the book on each page, and that each image changes only slightly. A traditional ‘stickman’ is a good starting point, in different poses. Then you flip through the pages and watch their character “move”.


5, Play Dress-Up

If you have your own dress up things, then why not use them, however it is more fun to try and get your parents to allow you to rummage through their wardrobe!!  Sophie loves playing with all my old bracelets, maybe your mum has some too that you could add to your outfit!


6.  Paint Faces

I know most children love having their faces painted, if you have some face paints at home why not practice on each other on different characters, you never know when you might need to be able to paint your face as a tiger or alien!


7. Make Sock Puppets

Gather up some of your old socks (you know those ones whose pair has gone missing from laundry day…?), and then find some household items that can be used for eyes, mouth, and nose. You could use buttons for eyes, pieces of fabric for noses, and things like string, wool, ribbon, or even cotton wool for hair.

You could sew or glue the decorations onto the puppet. 

Once the puppets have been made, leave them to dry. If you have a spare cardboard box how about making a theatre so you could put on some shows?


8. Make Play Dough

Everyone loves playing with playdough.  How about having a go at making your own, you can then make your own colours and on the internet you can find recipes for scented playdough.  Playing with playdough is a great way of strengthening your fingers if you find handwriting tricky, this can really help.


9. Make Tie-Dye Clothes

Are you tired of your boring white socks or you have some old t-shirts to hand, why not have a tie-dye day? You will need white clothing, a bucket or basin, water, various dyes, rubber bands, and rubber gloves to protect your hands. How you fold the fabric and secure it with rubber bands, helps determine the eventual tie-dye pattern.

It’s best to start with the lightest colour, if using more than one, and follow dye instructions carefully.


10. Make Jewellery

If you don’t have jewellery crafts at home, you can use everyday items, like pasta, noodles, beads, paint, string, wool, bottle tops, shells and lots more to make some really fun jewellery.