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Well done everyone on the work you have produced this week. I have added some of these onto the school page! 


Today is VE Day and because of this, it is a bank holiday across the country. This means that I am not setting any work for you today! I have, however, put some things below that are happening today if you would like to join in. You can also try the extra activities that I put up yesterday. I have added a couple extra ones there too!



At 11am BBC One will lead a two-minute silence to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This national moment of remembrance will pay tribute to heroes of the past and present. I know that is some places, people will be standing on their doorsteps for the 2 minute silence.


At 2.45pm BBC One will broadcast Sir Winston Churchill’s famous victory speech in which he addressed the nation to announce the end of the war in Europe, which he made from 10 Downing Street on 8 May 1945.