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29.06.20 Money skills

Learning and understanding about money is a really important skill as you prepare for becoming an adult.  As you get older you will want to have money that is yours, so that you can buy things that you want.  Below is a list of games or activities that will help with your knowledge of money; how to spend it, but also how to save it!

Spending money

When you become an adult you need to learn how to do something called budget.  This is when you work out how much money each week or month you can spend on things that you need such as food and electricity and how much you can spend on things that you want such as clothes or games.  

The activities will help you to understand how you make those decisions.  

Saving money

There are lots of different ways you can save money, you may have a money box at home or your parents might look after it for you.  Some of you may even have a bank account.  The following activities are aimed at helping you understand a bit more about how a bank account works.