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Week 11: Monday 6.7.2020 - Friday 10.7.2020:

Monday 6.7.2020:

Treasure' s Island Chapter 5 to read

Toy Story 3: This week, we are going to focus on how SCARF was used by the characters in ‘Toy Story 3’, as well as how you can use SCARF when you are back in school.

SCARF Safety:

Can you think of a time in ‘Toy Story 3’ when one of the characters was being safe? 

School may be quite different in September because of COVID-19.  Can you think of some examples of ways that you can be safe in school?


Tuesday 7.7.2020:

Treasure's Island Multiple Choice on Purple Mash

Toy Story 3: SCARF Caring:

Can you think of a time in ‘Toy Story 3’ when one of the characters was caring towards another character? 

Some children might find it tricky or scary to come back to school in September.  Can you think of some ways that you can be caring towards them?


Wednesday 8.7.2020:

Treasure's Island SPaG

Toy Story 3: SCARF Achievement

Can you think of a time in ‘Toy Story 3’ when one of the characters achieved something?

Even though you have worked hard at your learning during the lockdown, everyone will need to do some catching up with their learning starting in September.  What do you hope to achieve?  How are you going to achieve this?


Thursday 9.7.2020:

Toy Story 3: SCARF Resilience

Can you think of a time in ‘Toy Story 3’ when one of the characters was showing resilience (not giving up)?

Can you think of some times that you might need to show resilience in school?  What can you do to be more resilient?


Friday 10.7.2020:

Toy Story 3: SCARF Friendship

Can you think of a time in ‘Toy Story 3’ when one of the characters being a good friend?

I know a lot of you have missed your friends during the lockdown.  When you come back to school, how can you show friendship to others?  What makes a good friend?  Who are you looking forward to seeing the most?  What games are you going to play with your friends?


Week 10: Monday 29.6.2020 -  Friday 3.7.2020

Monday 29.6.2020

Read Chapter 4 of Treasure's Island on Purple Mash

Toy Story 3: This week, we will focus on certain events in ‘Toy Story 3’, and I would like you to think and write about some of your own thoughts and experiences that relate to these events.  Have you ever experienced anything like the characters in the story?  How were you able to work out your feelings or the problems that you were having? 

At the beginning of the film, Andy was all grown up and was packing his room to go off to college.  He hadn’t played with his toys for a very long time, and his toys felt like Andy had abandoned them.


Do you have a toy that you haven’t played with for a very long time?  How do you think your toy feels? 


Have you ever felt lonely or abandoned like the toys in the film?  What did you do to feel better?


Can you write a list of ‘Top Tips’ for people who are feeling sad, lonely or abandoned?  What can they do to make themselves feel better?  For example, talking to a friend or a trusted adult. 


Tuesday 30.6.2020:

Treasure's Island Multiple Choice on Purple Mash.

Toy Story 3: When the toys arrived at Sunnyside, Woody made sure that everyone was happy, then he left to go be with Andy at college (as we know, Woody returned when he found out the toys might be in trouble).


How do you think the other toys felt when Woody left?  Have you ever had a friend leave (move to a new school, city or country)?  How did you feel when they left?  Do you still see them or keep in touch with them?  Do you still miss them? 


Write a letter to your friend telling them how you felt when they left and that you still miss them.  Tell them what has changed in your life since they left (maybe you have a new sibling, or maybe you have gone on a fun holiday). You may never actually have the chance to send your letter to your friend, but sometimes writing letters like this can make you feel better and help you deal with the loss of a friend. 

Wednesday 1.7.2020:

Treasure's Island: Complete SPaG activity (see below).

Toy Story 3: In the middle of the film, Lotso and his crew reset Buzz to his factory settings.  All of Buzz’s friends felt betrayed when they thought Buzz had switched to Lotso’s side.  They thought that they had lost a really good friend!


Have you ever felt betrayed by a friend, family member or another person you trusted?  Write about the experience.  What happened?  Were you able to sort out your relationship?  How did you sort thing out? How did you feel afterwards?  Do you still trust that person in the same way that you use to?  If someone else felt like they were being betrayed, what advice would you give them?

Thursday 2.7.2020:

Toy Story 3: The ‘Toy Story’ series has the theme song, ‘You’ve got a Friend in Me’.




Near the end of the film, all of the friends had to work together to get rid of Lotso and save themselves from being burnt in the incinerator.


Have you ever had to work together with your friends to solve a problem (hopefully not being burned in an incinerator!)?  Write about your experience.  What problem did you have to overcome?  How did you and your friends work together?  Were you successful or not with solving your problem?  Did you work together peacefully or did you argue?  Did your friendship become stronger or weaker afterwards?  After you write about your experience think to yourself… what if this problem arose again?  Write about what you would do the same as last time?  What would you do differently?

Friday 3.7.2020:

Toy Story 3: By the end of the film, Woody, Buzz and all of their toy friends had been through a lot together.  But they survived the transition from Andy’s house to Bonnie’s house, and they were all happy again.  Bonnie started playing with them all, just like Andy used to.


You are all going through a very unusual transition from Year 3 to Year 4.  It has been a difficult journey, but if you all work together, we can have a happy ending. 


When you go back to school in September, what will make you happy in Year 5?  Are there certain adults or children in school that make you happy?  What kinds of things would you like to see in the classroom that might make you happy (within reason – we can’t give you all tablets or X-Boxes to play with all day long).  How would you like your learning to look?  What kinds of learning activities do you like to do?  What would you like your teacher to be like (for example, patient)?  Basically, what will make you happy in school, just like the characters in ‘Toy Story 3’ were happy at Bonnie’s house?

Week 9: Monday 22.6.2020 - Friday 26.6.2020:

Monday 22.6.2020:

1) See below for your spellings for this week. Practise them ready for your test on Friday.

2) Read Chapter 3 of Treasure's Island on Purple Mash.

3) Write an acrostic poem about Africa. Have a look at some of the resources in Other Subjects first to inspire you. Think about Africa what comes into your mind when you say the word? Maybe, heat, sunshine, animals such as lions etc....

Tuesday 23.6.2020:

1) Practise your spellings using the dictation below.

2) Treasure's Island Multiple Choice on Purple Mash and sequencing activity below.

Wednesday 24.6.2020:

1) Practise your spellings.

2) Treasure's Island SPaG below.

Thursday 25.6.2020:

1) Practise your spellings.

2) Treasure's Island open ended questions below.



Friday 26.6.2020:

1) Spellings test/quiz on Purple Mash.

2) Treasure's Island extended writing on Purple Mash.

Week 8: Monday 15.6.2020 - Friday 19.6.2020:

Monday 15.6.2020:

1) Treasure's Island Chpter 2 to read on Purple Mash

2) Inside Out: Bing Bong

In the film, Bing Bong is Riley's imaginary friend. He is a happy memory. His is funny, silly, friendly, cheerful,sweet,unique, colourful, cute and kind. He is made up of happy memories. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? Even if you didn't, create your own Bing Bong character, give it a name, draw it, think of the colours you are going to use and which happy memories he is going to be made of. Send me a photo!

Tuesday 16.6.2020:

1) Treasure's Island multichoice on Purple Mash and sequencing below.

2) Inside Out: Write a poem about one of the characters, using metaphors and similes. Examples:

He is hot like the sun, loud like a tiger

He is a sly snake, a clever fox, a blood thirsty shark

Wednesday 17.6.2020:

1) Treasure's Island SPaG activity:

2) Inside Out: Write a letter to Sadness, Anger or Fear to tell them how to deal with their emotion / help them deal with their emotion. Advise them on what they could do to not feel this emotion anymore. What could they do to feel better? See below to help you set out your letter:

Letter Writing for Kids

Created using mysimpleshow - Sign up at and create your own simpleshow video for free.

Thursday 18.6.2020:

1) Treasure's Island: open ended questions:

2) Put all your Inside Out work together in a booklet and create a front cover for it. Write the blurb at the back. Think back to when you made a book for your Greek Myth.

Friday 19.6.2020:

1) Treasure's Island: extended writing set on Purple Mash.

2) Inside Out: Share your Inside Out book with someone, then add a final page about how you felt making the book and working on the Inside Out Project.


Week 7: Monday 8.6.2020 - Friday 12.6.2020:

Monday 8.6.2020:

1) See Purple mash spellings below: posessive apostrophes with plural words. Test set for Friday. Use the week to practise.

2) Treasure's Island. Chapter 1 set on Purple Mash.

3) Inside Out: Anger

a) Write a paragraph titled: Anger in Command. If Anger were the Lead Emotion in my Headquarters.....

b) Make a list of things that make you angry

c) Complete your Daily Scoop as last week.

Tuesday 9.6.2020:

1) Practise your spellings

2) Treasure's Island Chapter 1 Multiple Choice on Purple Mash and sequencing (see below)

3) Inside Out:

a) So far you have written about what it would be like if Joy, Sadness and Anger were in charge of your Headquarters. Today I would like you to imagine what it would be like if Fear were in charge. Call your paragraph: Operation Fear.

b) Ahhhhh! Riley's darkest fears are broccoli, Grandma's vacuum cleaner and Jangles the Birthday Clown. What are your darkest fears? make a list.

c) Complete your Daily Scoop to check in with your Emotions today.

Wednesday 10.6.2020:

1) Practise your spellings

2) Complete the questions below about Treasure's Island

3) Inside Out:

a) So much Disgust. If Disgust were in charge of my Headquarters. Today write about Disgust. Imagine what life would be like if she were in charge.

b) Write a list of things that disgust you.

c) Complete your daily scoop, to check in with your emotions today.


Thursday 11.6.2020:

1) Practice your spellings

2) Treasure's Island Chapter one  Spag - see below

3) Inside Out:

a) We have now looked at all the Emotions. I now would like you to choose an Emotion (it could be one of the ones we have looked at or another one of your choice), draw what it looks like and write about it, as you have done for the other emotions.

b) Complete your Daily Scoop, to check in with your Emotions.

Friday 12.6.2020:

1) Complete the spellings test on Purple mash

2) Complete the Perfec Pets activity on Purple Mash

3) Inside Out: Absolutely disgusting: What does Disgust think of the world?It's absolutely disgusting! How many words can you make out of the phrase "absolutely disgusting"?

Here are a few to get you started:

1. best

2. date

3. suit


How many more can you make?

Week 6: Monday 1.6.2020 - Friday 5.6.2020

Monday 1.6.2020

1) I have set you spellings on Purple Mash; complete the one for today. It is revision of the ones we have done so far.

2) Inside Out:

a) Read the story - or listen to it by watching the videos

b) Read the information about the characters

Today and tomorrow we are going to look at Joy:

c) Imagine Joy: Joy is all about happiness. What would life be like if Joy was your Lead Emotion? Write a paragraph. Include descriptions of what life would be like (think of synonyms for joy and happiness), use your best handwriting! You'll need to jot down some ideas/ do a plan before you write.

d) Inside Joy's head. Draw a picture of Joy with a thought bubble; write inside the thought bubble what Joy is thinking.

e) Every day is full of emotions. At the end of the day fill in The Daily Scoop. On a page write The Daily Scoop and write about all the things that made you joyful, sad, angry, scared and disgusted today.

Inside Out Story part 1

Still image for this video

Inside Out Story part 2

Still image for this video

Inside Out Story part 3

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2.6.2020:

1) Complete the spellings for today on Purple mash (D2).

2) Inside Out:

a) Happy baby memories: Joy loves remembering Riley as a baby. What might the Emotions inside your Headquarters see when they look at a memory sphere from when you were a baby? Under the heading Happy Baby Memory, draw a picture of a baby memory and write about it (what is the memory about, when did it take place, where were you? etc...). If you can't remember, ask a member of your family or look at some baby pictures and talk about them with a member of your family.

b) Finding the fun: Joy says " You can't focus on what's going wrong. There's always a way to turn things around and find the fun". Write a bout a time when things weren't going well at first but then you found the fun.

I remember when things weren't going so well......

Then I found the fun because....

c) Like yesterday, at the end of the day, fill in The Daily Scoop and write about all the things that made you sad, angry, disgusted, scared and joyful today.

Wednesday 3.6.2020:

1) Spellings Day 3 on Purple mash

2) Today you are going to explore Sadness:

a) Sadness in charge: Sadness can't help seeing the downside of life. If sadness were in charge of my headquarters for a day............. Write a paragraph to finish this starter.

b) Sad, Sadder and Saddest: A scoop of ice cream falling off its cone makes Riley really sad. Make a list of the things that make you sad.

c) Like yesterday, at the end of the day, fill in The Daily Scoop and write about all the things that made you sad, angry, disgusted, scared and joyful today.

Thursday 4.6.2020:

1) Spellings on Purple mash Week 6 D4

2) a) Sad memories: One of Riley's memories is the time when Riley and her hockey team, the Prairie Dogs, lost the big playoff game. Riley mised the winning shot and felt awful. She even wanted to quit. But because Riley felt sad, her parents and teammates came to cheer her up.

Your task: Write about a memory that started sad, but ended happy.

b)Two sides of the story: Sadness and Joy have very different perspectives on the things that happen in Riley's life. Write a story inspired by a scene in the film Inside Out (or the story I have put on here) from Joy's perspective. Then write the same story from sadness's perspective. Don't forget to write a title for each story:

Joy's version Sadness's version
Title Title
Story Story


Friday 5.6.2020:

1) Complete your spellings test on all the words you revised this week. See pdf below (not on Purple Mash). Get your grown up to read the words to you, no need to print anything. Let me know your score!

2) a)Listening skills: In the Inside Out film, after Bing Bong's wagon rocket is thrown into the Memory Dump, Sadness makes him feel better by listening and comforting him. Write about a time you helped a friend who was sad. Include as much detail as possible (why was your friend sad, where were you at the time, what did you do to cheer your friend up....). Please write a paragraph. Remember to share it with me :)

b) View from Sadness: Just like you drew a picture of Joy with a thought bubble, draw one of Sadness and fill it in to show what Sadness is thinking. Send me your pictures.

c) Fill in your Daily Scoop!



Week 5:

Monday 18.5.2020:

1) Spellings for the week: please learn the words for Friday's test on Purple Mash.

2) Perfect form of verbs task: some revision. Complete the sheet below (no need to print, you can just write the work in your notebook). Answers tomorrow.
3) Read the final chapter of Magic Actors, chapter 7 and complete the quiz.

Tuesday 19.5.2020:

1) practise your spellings

2) Make sure you have done the exercise on Perfect Tense

3) Complete the book review on Magic Actors on Purple Mash - follow the instructions carefully and take your time to make it really good.

Wednesday 20.5.2020:

1) Practise your spellings

2) Finish your book review (it is on Purple Mash now!)

3) Mark your "verb: perfect form" exercise and let me know how you got on. Thank you to those who sent me the work.

5) Complete the attached SPAG based on Chapter 7 of your book

Thursday 21.5.2020:

1) Practise your spellings for Friday.

2) Listen and watch the story of The Sing Song of Old Man Kangaroo written by R. Kipling.

This is one of the stories he used to tell his children. He made the stories in to a book, called Just So Stories.

The Sing Song of Old Man Kangaroo - with captions

Series for World TV 1980's animated and directed by Sheila Graber on her own,in one year. Buy our fully illustrated "Just So Story" books on amazon http://ww...

3) Listen to the story once more or read it, dicuss it with your adult, then complete the task. See below (you do not have to print the sheet, you can simply write it out in your notebook):
4) If you have time, draw a picture of the story.

Friday 22.5.2020:

1) Take the spellings quiz on Purple Mash

2) Listen to the story of Robert Scott, then make a fact file (some of the information is in the story, some in the text with the clip). It has to be wellpresented and neatly written please:

Full name:

Date of birth:

Place of birth:

Where he went:

When he set out, where from and the name of the ship:

Problems encountered:

Did he make it?

Did he make it back?

What you think of Robert Scott  and his adventure?


Week 4: Monday 11.5.2020- Friday 15.5.2020

Monday 11.5.2020:

1) Spellings for the week below, please learn for Friday's test. Remember you do not need to print the sheets, you can just write them out in your notebook/ on paper.

2) I hope you enjoyed watching/taking part in the VE Day celebrations.

Use your notes to write a newspaper page about VE Day 2020.

You can either do it on the template below OR on the template on Purple Mash OR make up your own.

Just make sure you let me have a copy and if using Purple mash, remember to save.

NOTE: on Purple Mash it tells you to write an article about a tsunami, just ignore that , I cannot change it. Write about VE DAY 2020.

3) Magic Actors Chapter 6 to read. Quizz tomorrow.

Tuesday 12.5.2020:

1) Practise your spellings

2) Magic actors chapter 6 re-read the text and complete the quiz on Purple Mash and also the SPAG activitiy below (as usual, you can print but you do not need to, it can just be written out).

3) Finish your newspaper article about VE DAY 2020.

Wednesday 13.5.2020:

1) Practise your spellings

2) Watch the story of Nessie and complete the activity (either on the printed out worksheet or on paper/your notebook).

Thursday 14.5.2020:

1) Practise your spellings

2) Magic Actors chapter 6. The witch's cottage on Purple mash (follow the instructions).

Friday 15.5.2020:

1) Take the spellings test on Purple Mash

2)Find out about Leprechauns by clicking on the link below and write a fact sheet about Leprechauns. Include a drawing. Send me a picture of your work.


Week 3: Monday 4.5.2020- Friday 8.5.2020


Watch VE Day events (Queen speech, Winston Churchill speech etc...Timings on main page) and make some notes ready to report on Monday.

Complete any outstanding work.


Watch one of the STEM shows (or all) either live or on the STEM youtube channel later on:

Session 1 at 10am (Chocolate bridges)

Session 2 at 11am (Blast off rockets)

Sessions 3 at 12am (Exploding rainbows)

Sessions 6 at 3pm (How do they feed? Bird adaptation)

Then write a summary of the show: What was it about? What did you learn from it? Did you enjoy it? Why/why not? Write the review out in your best hand writing and send me a picture


Complete this week's spellings on Purple Mash.


  • Practise your spellings for tomorrow.
  • Look through the Power Point below and particularly at the slide with the two children and the empty speech bubbles and fill them in as per the instructions.
  • Read the story of Michael Wetton on the Power Point. Find out why children had to be evacuated then either write about :

Michael being evacuated


Michael living with Auntie Rhoda and Uncle Tom

In both cases think about his feelings, what he sees, hears, tastes and smells. Really put yourself in his shoes and share your experience (are you sad, happy, why?)

You need to write at least half a page, in your best handwriting, take a photo or scan of your work and share it with me. Remember all you have learnt about punctuation etc..., all the work we have done on Purple Mash recently and make it really interesting, with lots of interesting vocabulary, adjectives and adverbs, clauses. You might need to write a plan, draft and re-draft and edit before it's your best work. Don't rush it, take your time.

Power Point for Michael Wetton task


Purple mash:

Magic Actors chapter 5 and Chapter 5 quiz

The story continues activity

spellings (see attachments on yesterdays' list of todos)


Purple Mash: Chapter 4 and quiz of Magic Actors

Writing a conversation activity (read the instructions carefully and make sure you click on the words in the "Think about" box). It needs to be at least as long as what is already on the page.

Week 3 spellings: see attachment below. The online test will be set on Friday. Note that the spellings have changed as I had attached the wrong ones!

Week 2:  Monday 27.4.2020 - Friday 1.5.2020:


Purple Mash:

Week 2 online spelling Test

Chapter 3 and Chapter 3 quiz

Evil Sir Richard


Purple Mash: Magic Actors Chapter 2 and quiz; The Play (writing- please take your time, check spellings, punctuation, grammar and use interesting vocabulary).

Practise your spellings for tomorrow's test.


Purple mash: a new story to read :) Magic actors

Read Chapter 1

Chapter 1 quiz

Mama's list activity

SPAG activity below. No need to print, just do the work on paper. No need to complete all questions today. I'll post the answers on Friday so you can self-mark.


Purple Mash:

Around the World in 80 mns Book Review

Past and Present (grammar exercise) then click on the link for a BBC activity

Continue with your spellings, ready for the test on Friday


Purple Mash:

Chapter 8 and Chapter 8 quiz of Around the World in 80 Minutes

A Case of Cash writing task

Spellings (see attachments) I'll set the test on Purple Mash on Friday.

Week 1 : Monday 20.4.2020 - Friday 24.5.2020:


As promised something about William Shakespeare:

1) Read the text and complete one of the comprehensions (see below) then mark it using the answers. Choose one of the three comprehensions (graded easier, medium, harder).

2) complete the spellings on Purple Mash.



St George's Day and William Shakespeare's birthday!

1) Watch the Power Point about St George then write the profile about St George on Purple Mash.

2) Watch the story Power Point and write your own story of St George and the dragon and illustrate it. Make your story really good, use all the skills you have learnt such as interesting adjectives, fronted adverbials etc...

Remember to practise your spellings (see Purple Mash task) and attachments below. I'll set the test on Purple Mash on Friday.


Earth Day lessons!

First, watch the Power Point, then do the comprehension (you do not need to print anything, just answer on paper and check your answer), finally make a poster about Earth Day 2020 and the theme for this year: Climate Action.


Purple Mash:

Around the World in 80 Minutes chapter 7 to read, quiz and New York Leaflet

Day Out

Spellings set yesterday (see also attached worksheet from yesterday): practise for a test on Friday


Purple mash:

Around the World in 80 Minutes Chapter 6, quiz and New York postcard

Grammar: First Flight: Day Out (using fronted adverbials)

Spellings: Summer 1, Week 1quiz Practise your spellings using the quiz and the resources attached  below and on Friday we'll do the test.


Week 2 of home learning: Monday 30.3.2020 - Friday 3.4.2020:


Remember to complete your spellings test ( solve  solution  insoluble  dissolve  solvent  sign  signature  assign  design signal ) and to let me know how you get on.

On Purple Mash:

  • Around The World in 80mns chapter 5
  • Chapter 5 quiz
  • Hong Kong activity
  • Story Gap


02.04.2020: All on Purple Mash for you:

  • Around The World in 80mns chapter 4
  • Chapter 4 quiz
  • Travel wish list activity
  • Word hop grammar activity


01.04.2020: Purple Mash activities set for you, log in and see! You should have the following:

  • Read "Around The World in 80 minutes" chapter 3
  • Take the quiz for chapter 2
  • Taj Mahal postcard
  • Harry's party

31.03.2020: Purple Mash activities set for you, log in and see! You should have the following:

  • Read "Around The World in 80 minutes" chapter 2
  • Take the quiz for chapter 2
  • The crazy website journey activity

Spellings as below ready for test on Friday.

David Walliams fans: Every day at 11am David Walliams is releasing a free audio of one of his stories or books. Enter this in your browser:


30.03.2020: Purple Mash activities set for you, log in and see! You should have the following:

  • Read "Around The World in 80 minutes" chapter 1
  • Take the quiz for chapter 1
  • Complete the "Inventions" task

Spellings for this week: solve  solution  insoluble  dissolve  solvent  sign  signature  assign  design signal. As usual write a sentence for each and check the meaning if you are not sure.