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23.03.20:  Can you make a piece of toast, butter it and possibly top with jam or chocolate spread?  Can a make a piece of toast for someone in your family?  Be careful as the toast will be hot when it first comes out of the toaster.  What other dangers might you need to be aware of?  You could draw a poster giving instructions on how to make a piece of toast with added safety advice.  

24.03.20:  What kind of shoes do you wear?  Can you put each shoe on the right foot?  Can you do them up?  Do you have any that have shoe laces?  Can you tie them or does an adult have to help?  Today's task is to learn to tie shoelaces.  If you have your own learn with your own shoes but if you don't ask someone who is older in your house if they have shoe laces you could practice on.

25.03.20: A different type of activity today, this involves helping parents with chores, earning money (monopoly money) and then buying treats from your parents! Below is an example of a home shop that you could use.  On one side is the chores that you could earn money for and on the other side is examples of things that you use your money to buy.  

Parents I have attached a PDF and word doc. of the same example so that you can edit if you so wish.  

26.03.20 Do you have a camera?  It could be a digital camera or one of your tablet or smart phone.  Do you know how to use it properly?  I have attached a project that you could do whilst at home learning how to use a camera properly.  If you have a garden and can get outside you could try and take photos of interesting flowers or insects that you come across, if not what interesting things can you find inside your house?  If you take an amazing photo email it to me, I'd love to see how your photography skills are developing!

27.03.20: Can you make your bed?  Your task today is to learn and practice making your bed.  This will help your parents and carers each day if when you get up you make your bed ready for bedtime later on.  Plus it will help to make your bedroom look tidier!

20.03.20:  Hi, I hope you had a good weekend.  

Last week I set you the challenge to learn how to make a piece of toast.  This week I am going to add to this so that you could make you own breakfast or lunch! Today, ask an adult to show you how to boil an egg.  If you have enough eggs you could see what happens if you boil them for different amounts of time.  Do you like the yolk to be runny or hard?  You could then make a piece of toast and cut in strips to dip into your egg, they are called soldiers!  Watch out for the boiling water, and make sure an adult knows what you are up to!


31.03.20: At the moment it is difficult to go and see family and friends, we can stay in contact using phones and tablets, but we can also write letters!  Today's task is to write a letter to someone, a friend or relative.  Maybe you could also draw a picture to go with your letter.  As part of your daily exercise you could walk to a postbox and post it so that they get the chance to read it and maybe they will reply! 

01.04.20: Do you know how to lay the table?  Today's task is to set the table ready for lunch or tea.  This includes collecting the cutlery and glasses and putting them on the table.  Look at the photo below to see where the knives, forks and spoons go.  

02.04.20: Today's task is a bit more creative.  When you go on your daily walk or you are out in your garden see if you can spot a minibeast or bird.  Can you identify what it is?  When you get home see if you can recreate what you have seen using Lego, construction toys or junk modelling.  I'd love to see photos of your different creations! 


Today's task is another one that will help your Mum and Dad.  Ask them to show you how to dust! If you are doing a sensible job with the duster they might allow you to use the polish too! Make sure you are really careful picking up and dusting underneath ornaments, try not to break anything!

20.04.20: On Wednesday it is Earth Day, so over the next few days I am going to suggest activities that help to look after our precious planet as well as helping you to become independent young people.  

Today's task is to help with the recycling.  Do you know what goes in each box or bin?  Throughout the day each time you use something can you think about whether the rubbish is recyclable or whether it is rubbish.  I have included a hyperlink to a website that has lots of suggestions for you to try out using your recycled items! Have fun!

21.04.20 Your task today is about looking after the birds that visit your garden as well as a bit of recycling.  Your task today is to make a bird feeder using a toilet roll holder, bird seed and peanut butter.

The web address above gives you the instructions on how to do this as well as other activities that you may enjoy doing! 

22.04.20: Happy Earth Day!! 

Today I have attached a web page that has some different STEM challenges.  These will test your design and science knowledge.  Hope you have managed to get outside at some point today and enjoyed our beautiful planet!

23.04.20 It is St George's day today.  Do you know the story of St George and the Dragon?  If not could you spend some of today finding out a bit about him?  

I know that St George was a brave and courageous person.  I am wondering whether you are brave and courageous?  Today's task is to set yourself a target about something you want to achieve?  This could be learning your 7 times tables or learning how to skip using a skipping rope or learning how to spell a specific word that you find challenging.  Have a go, set yourself a target, write it down and put it somewhere so everyone can see.  Ask your family to help you achieve your target and then get going!!  I would love to hear what targets you have set yourself.  Maybe you could email me with them? 

24.04.20 Today I would like you to make your own lunch! Do you know how to make a sandwich?  What is your favourite filling?  I like ham and tomato! Maybe you like jam or peanut butter or cheese?  Below is a sequencing activity for making a jam sandwich, but you can always alter the filling if you don't like jam.  Maybe you could be adventurous and add two fillings?!


28.04.20 Today's task is all about using your observations whilst out on your daily walk.  Below is a challenge, can you find the different items when you are out and about on your daily exercise.  Good luck and look carefully whilst you are walking! 

29.04.20 Today's task is another one about helping your parents.  Do you help at the end of a meal by tidying the table, putting the dishes in the dishwasher or washing them up.  Could you begin to help with this task? 

30.04.20 Over the last 6 weeks you will have the chance to play with lots of toys and games, I wonder if you have played with the same things or whether you have played with something that you had forgotten about?  Today's task to to learn to play a new game, this could be a board game or a playground game.  You could look at the games you have at home, is there a board game you have never played before or you could ask your parents what playground games did they play when they were at school, could they teach you one?  Have fun!

01.05.20 This task is one to enjoy over the weekend and for the weeks ahead.  I know many of you enjoy stories, but sometimes finds reading really tricky, so why not try listening to an audio book.  The following link has lots of books that are free to stream during lockdown. 

Why not download a book, snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy a good story.  Enjoy!

11.05.20 Today is Somerset Day.  People of Somerset are being asked to celebrate in a safe way by displaying pictures of Dragons in their windows.  You can find out more information at this website about sharing your dragon or if you don't fancy drawing a Dragon, you could share why you love Somerset.  If you do share your ideas on line, please ask your parents permission and do it safely!

12.05.20 Today's task is more of a challenge for you over a few days.  This is a task you can complete when you head out on your daily exercise, as of tomorrow you are able to go out a bit more if you need to have some time to clear your head of school work or to work out how you are feeling.  

I am doing some of these tasks with Sophie when we are out in the garden or on our daily walk.  Have fun!

13.05.20: Today's task is to be with keeping healthy, it is really important that we try and stay healthy at this time, it is very tempting to eat all day and anything we want!  Today's task is linked to trying to be healthy!  Your task is to design and make a salad or smoothie for lunch using whatever fruit and vegetables you can find in the kitchen.  Check with your parents that you are allowed to use things and any equipment that you need.  

Enjoy making your healthy meal and I hope they are delicious.  


14.05.20: A few weeks ago I set you the challenge of learning to make your bed.  Today I am setting you the challenge of learning to change your bed.  This means that you need to take the sheets, pillow cases, duvet cover off and re-make your bed using clean sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover.  Be careful that you don't get lost inside the duvet!

15.05.20 Today's task is about preparing for adulthood.  This might seem a long way off, but all the tasks I have set will help in a little way, this one will definitely help! Have you ever had a button fall off our shirt, trousers or dress.  Your challenge is to learn how to sew a button back on a piece of clothing.  Have fun, and make sure you care careful with the needle and scissors.

01.06.20 I hope you all had a lovely half-term and did something lovely over your week off.  I have enjoyed welcoming back some of year 6 this morning and have looking forward to seeing some more of you over this week.  

Today your task is one that will surprise you how much you use as an adult! Your challenge is to learn how many days there are in each month of the year.  If you don't already know you will need to learn the days of the week and the months of the year.  There are loads of songs/rhymes on YouTube to help. I found this useful picture that will certainly help me remember how many days there are in each month! Hope it helps you too!

02.06.20 This task is one to help your parents again.  Today you are being asked to learn how to sort the dirty laundry ready for washing.  So that the washing doesn't dye each other you need to sort the white washing from the colours.  Your mum and dad may ask you to sort underwear from clothes as well. 

03.06.20 Telling the time! We don't use analogue clocks very often however it is a skill that we do need, more often than we think!  Today's task is to learn how to do this!

YouTube have loads of great videos to help with this.  

04.06.20 Summer is almost here, so it's the perfect time to see which signs of summer you can spot when out in the garden or on your daily exercise. Can you see certain summer flowers blooming, or spot butterflies fluttering by? Keep your eyes peeled for caterpillars, bees, grasshoppers and trees in full leaf, too.  

05.06.20 At the moment a shopping list is really important because with the limits on how often we are allowed to visit the shops we don't want to be forgetting important items.  Today's task is to help your parents with writing the weekly shopping list.  You could either check what items you have in the cupboards or do the writing of the list! Have fun helping your parents!

08.06.20 As the sun is shining today and I am not sure if that will happen too often this week I am going to set an outdoor task! Today I would like to learn the difference between a plant and a weed, weeds are plants too but we often don't want them growing amongst our flowers and vegetables as they like to take over and use up all the space, sunshine and water, killing the other plants that we have looked after and cared for.  You could learn the difference by helping your parents to weed a flower bed or your vegetable patch.  Have fun being outside in the garden!

09.06.20 Today is Empathy Day, so I have placed a couple of interesting articles in the Mental Health Awareness section, there are activities for children to do as well as some information for parents about how these activities can help children's wellbeing during these difficult and different times.  The empathy lab website has loads of different activities that you could use to help develop your child's empathy.  

10.06.20 Today's challenge may involved getting a little wet, depending on how your parents wash their windows! My mum using hot soapy water with a dash of vinegar for the outside and window cleaner on the inside.  Your task today is learn how to wash windows, as the weather is not looking as sunny you may only get the chance to wash the inside of them.  It is a job I put off doing, but am always amazed at the difference it makes!

11.06.20 I have been looking and have found this website which has loads of activities for learning about the great outdoors! Have fun exploring this and learning about trees, plants and animals.


Blue Peter are promoting the 6 badges of summer, this is where over the next 6 weeks Blue Peter are celebrating a different badge each week.  They are asking parents to send photos and videos to them of the different things your child does for each badge.  You can find more information at the above web link.  

15.06.20 From talking to lots of your parents I know that a lot of you have learnt to ride you bikes during lockdown.  I am so impressed that you are able to find your freedom and zoom about the local area, but would you know what to do if one of your tyres went soft? Or the chain came off?   Your task today is learn how to look after your bike properly, keep the tyres pumped up, add oil to parts if they get a bit dry and noisy.  Before you do any of this you must make sure your parents know what you are doing and you have asked permission before using any tools! You will possibly need to ask for some adult help so that you know you are looking after your bike properly! 

16.06.20 This task is a skill that I remember my Dad teaching me, every Sunday evening after tea we would have to sit down and polish our school shoes!  We had a tin of polish and the shoe shining brushes, it is a skill I still use now as Mr Cahill regularly asks me to polish his shoes when he is late for a meeting! Your task is to find your school shoes or trainers and give them a good clean.  If they are leather and suitable for polishing you could ask your parents to show you how to do this.

17.06.20 Do you bath or shower by yourself? Do you know how to wash your hair?  It can be trickier if you have longer hair.  Your task today is to have a go at washing yourself independently, this could include washing your hair! Make sure that you tell an adult you are doing this and you are safe with the hot water, the water and products you are using, try not to get any in your eyes or eat it!

18.06.20 I have just stood out on the gate for an hour and today is most definitely a wet day! It is tempting to spend these types of days sat in front of a screen, playing games, watching films or TV.  It is really important to limit that screen time to help your brain and eyes relax, this in turn helps us go to sleep and have a better sleep during the night.  Below I have written a list of ideas of things you could do on rainy days that involve no screens just fun (hopefully)!

  • Bake a cake or cookies
  • Make a den using blankets, cushions and duvets. 
  • Make a cardboard creation, could be a town or new planet
  • Play cards
  • Put on a show
  • Make paper aeroplanes
  • Make instruments and then compose a new song
  • Do some drawing or colouring
  • Make a playlist and have a disco
  • Make sock puppets

19.06.20 Who can make themselves a drink?  Can you make a cold drink such as water or juice from the fridge?  Can you make yourself a glass of squash?  Do you know how to make a hot drink for yourself or for your parents?  When you are making a hot drink make sure you are careful using the kettle and pouring the boiling water, always ask an adult for permission to it.