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Home Learning

Please get parents to email me pictures of completed work throughout the week if you want me to see it at  

29th June - 3rd July 



Activity 1: Summer Olympics 

Learn about how the Olympics began on the following website.


I have attached a Powepoint at the bottom of this week's work with some more information about the summer olympics as well as some activity worksheets.  If you don't have a printer at home, don't worry as you can do most of the activities on a separate piece of paper. 


Activity 2: Winter Olympics  

As above, I have uploaded an information powerpoint for you to read through as well as activities you could have a go at. 





- A journey back in time 

- Island towns 

- Which way? 

- Tessellations 



I have uploaded the PowerPoint to work through for this week below. 

Next week, we will be starting our last film project of the year for English.  This will be based on Toy Story 3 so if you are able to, you might want to watch it ahead of time. 

22nd to 26th June 




Activity 1: Endangered Animals 

I have uploaded a PowerPoint below entitled 'Endangered Animals' for you to have a look through.  This will give information about different endangered species and some that are extinct now.  It also explains a little bit about conservation.  There are some activities throughout the PowerPoint that you can complete. 


Activity 2: Research a conservationist

There have been some conservationists who you might recognise the names of in recent years.  Do some research to find out about how they are/were trying to protect animals.  Make a fact file about your chosen person.  I have given you some links to help start you off but you can extend your research further.


You could choose from:

- David Attenborough

- Jane Goodall

- Steve Irwin 


Activity 3: Who am I? 

This one is just for fun!  I will upload a PowerPoint below with a 'Who am I?' quiz included.  You have to try and guess which endangered species you are given clues for.  




***Remember, these are under the orange 'explore' tab on Mathletics*** 

- World Rankings

- New Director 

- Lake Scaley Fish 

- Spot the Mistake! 



This week, we start a new project.  It is based around the film 'Hidden Figures'.  Remember, you don't have to watch the film to be able to do this work.  The film is only available to rent on Amazon Prime for £3.50 or buy for £8 on Amazon Prime and Sky.  Please don't worry if you can't watch the film - you can still do the English project!

It's a fantastic film though, especially if you are interested in NASA or space and is rated a PG.


'Three female African-American mathematicians play a pivotal role in astronaut John Glenn's launch into orbit. Meanwhile, they also have to deal with racial and gender discrimination at work.' 


I have uploaded the project PowerPoint below for you to work from, even if you haven't seen the film. 

15th - 19th June  



Activity 1: Powerpoint 

I have uploaded a PowerPoint at the bottom of this week's work so that you can learn all about different aspects of the rainforest, from tribes to animals to deforestation.  You will need to have a read through these slides and look at the photos provided within the presentation in order to do the following tasks. 



Activity 2: Animals 

Invent/design your own rainforest plant or animal.  You should label their drawing to show how it is adapted to its environment. 

If you want to extend this activity, you could always make your plant or animal! 


Activity 3: Tribes 

Research a rainforest tribe.  Information gathered could include:

• Where they live.

• How they live – do they live in villages?  Who is in charge?

• What they wear.

• What they eat – how do they get their food?

• What language they speak.

• The threats to their way of life

• What they could teach us. 
You will find plenty of information on rainforest tribes on the YPTE website: 




- Time to explore 4

- 24 hour train time 

- Muesli bar time jumble 

- Ordering times 



This is the final week of work based on the film 'Inside Out'. 


Next week in school, we will be watching the film 'Hidden Figures' to base our work on.  This unfortunately is not able to be streamed on any platform but can be bought to rent on amazon prime for £3.50 or bought on amazon prime for £8 or on Sky for £8.  Don't worry if you can't rent or buy the film - the work I plan will be accessible to you without the film! 

It is based on a true story so there will be lots of articles and publications to view online. 


The last week of the 'Inside Out' PowerPoint is uploaded below. 

8th - 12th June 


Under The Sea


Activity 1: Working Together to Save Our Oceans


The  BBC programme Blue Planet 2 ( sparked an outcry about the health of our oceans and the huge threat caused by  plastics, but lots of people around the world are working hard to help solve this problem.


Read about Madison Edwards (, a 12 year old  environmental activist.


Why not try to do your bit to help preserve our oceans by keeping a ‘plastic diary’ ( recording how much single-use  plastic the family uses.


Write down one thing ( that the family will do to use less plastic.


Activity 2: Bioluminescence: Lighting up Our Oceans


Many sea creatures possess a fascinating light-producing ability called  bioluminescence ( 

Some fish dangle a  lighted lure in front of their mouths to attract prey, while some squid shoot out bioluminescent liquid, instead of ink, to confuse their predators. Find out about bioluminescence ( and how some sea creatures rely on this ( for their survival.


Choose a sea creature which uses bioluminescence (like the anglerfish) and create a poster fact sheet about it, including what bioluminescence is and how their chosen sea creature uses it. 




***Remember, these are under the orange 'explore' tab on Mathletics*** 

- A yarn about simple fractions 

- Thunder Radio competition winners 

- Fractional relay races 

- It's a piece of pie! 



Thank you to those of you who sent me your PowerPoints back with your work on or images of your handwritten work - I really enjoyed reading through.  I was particularly impressed with the efforts of Alf and Sandra! 

This is week 2 of your project on the PowerPoint below.  It has been created in the same way for you. 


1st - 5th June 


Please read the main Y6 page to be informed of the changes to home learning from this week onwards.  Work will be posted here for the whole week which I will only be marking on a Friday now.  If your child is in school, they do not have to do the home learning.  We are trying to make it as similar to what they are doing in school as possible. 


The Royal Family 


Activity 1: Commonwealth

The Queen is Sovereign of 15 Commonwealth realms in addition to the UK. She is also Head of the Commonwealth itself, a voluntary association of 54 independent countries.
A Commonwealth Realm is a country which has The Queen as its Monarch.
How many of these 54 countries can you find on a world map?


Choose a commonwealth country.  

List  5 facts about the country:

  1. Language spoken
  2. Currency
  3. Flag – draw image
  4. Famous landmarks
  5. Famous people


How many counties in the world have a queen/ king?  

Which other countries in the world have a different system instead of a monarchy?  Collect some facts about how they rule without a monarchy.


Activity 2: Charities 

The members of the British Royal family serve as patrons for many charities, helping to raise awareness and support them.

Write about which charity you would be a patron of, and why this charity would be your choice.

If you don't know, you could choose from a pre-selected choice of 3 of the Queen’s patronages.


  • Animal Health Trust
  • Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund


Activity 3: Design an Investiture Medal

An Investiture is a special occasion when those who have been awarded an honour receive their insignia (medals), in person from The Queen or another member of the Royal Family.
Around 20 of these ceremonies are hosted each year, most of them are held in the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace, but others take place in the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle, or in the Great Gallery at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The honours are awarded for special achievements, personal bravery and services to the United Kingdom.

Examples are given and a template at the following link.




- Relating 2D Shapes 

- Square Split 

- Trying Triangles 

- Looking at faces, edges and vertices 



We are doing a whole school film study project this week based on 'Inside Out'.  Please try to watch it to enable you to do the work.  It is currently on Disney+ (7 day free trial), Sky Go and Now TV.

The work for the week is all on the PowerPoint below with instructions for each lesson and how to submit work.  



25th - 29th May 


The work for this week is optional as I know lots of you will need a break - that includes your parents! 

On Saturday 23rd May, it was the start of National Children's Gardening Week so we thought every year group could have a garden based project to do if they wanted to.  The weather is supposed to be fairly nice next week so it will be a great chance for you to get out in your gardens or go for some lovely nature walks. 


As you are year 6, I am going to give you lots of ideas and you can have the choice regarding what you want to do/make.  The projects could range from making a bug hotel, testing your own soil, making a garden diary, reading or listening to 'The Secret Garden' to making drinking trays for birds and making pencil holders out of twigs. 


If you aren't keen on any of the ideas in the following links, then of course, you could come up with your own.  If you enjoy writing, you could write a garden based story and get really creative.  If you're a budding artist, you could create a beautiful picture of a garden or flowers or an animal you might find in nature.  I went on a walk through Ninesprings last week and saw all of the swans out - you could go on a nature walk and take some images of what you have seen.  The possibilities are endless!