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Last week of term.

Hello everyone.


This week is our last week of Home Learning and so I have looked for some fun maths activities. I have chosen from a selection of problem solving and strategy games. Each day there is a link to the instructions of how to play.  There are games to play together and some online ones too. I have also set the Mathletics for this week.


Today I have found a Chinese game for 2 players that is all about strategy.


Todays game is called Crocogator. It does need a board but if you go to the bottom of the instructions there is a link to be able to print off a copy of the board. This is another 2 player game.


Today’s game is online, click on the link and then go to the bottom of the instructions and there is a board and ladybirds that can be dragged into position to play.


Today we have another game that you can do online and drag the squares on the board. This is another strategy game.



This is another board game that you can play with another player. Watch the utube clip to see how to play Totality.  .


Have fun with these. They are games that you may enjoy and want to play over and over.

Take care everyone.

Mrs Foote

Maths PDF for this week.

Week beginning 6th July

This week I have put a PDF above to download. 

Hello everyone.

This week we are focusing on measuring and reading different scales. The children have done some of this practically in school but it is one that they can find tricky. The difficulty is that scales are not always the same. Sometimes they go up in ones, sometimes 5s, tens, 50’s or even 100’s and this is hard to grasp. Always encourage them to work out what the scale is counting up in before they start to try to read work out the measurement.

This week I have chosen the Classroom Secrets pack for the maths. It goes over the reading of time, temperature and litres using scales. A clock is just a scale in a circle.

There are grammar and reading tasks in this pack too but these are not what I am setting for the week so do not worry about printing them off to do.

On Monday watch this Bitesize clip to help start the week off.

I have also added some more Mathletics activities for this week.


Take care everyone and keep safe.

Mrs Foote

Week beginning 29.6.2020


This week’s topic is the Olympics (see other resources page) so I have found a pack of maths work all linked to the topic. Please see the file at the top of this page with this week’s maths work to print off and do. It is a mixture of Year 2 maths skills and should be spread out over the week.


I have set some more Mathletics work.


A fun task for this week. Here are the 100m running world records. Ask the children to see what they can do in these times.

The current men's world record is 9.58 seconds, set by Jamaica's Usain Bolt in 2009, while the women's world record of 10.49 seconds set by American Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988 remains unbroken.[a]

Work to print off for week beginning 22/6/20

Week beginning 22.6.2020

I have set some additional Mathletics work for this week.


This week we are going to focus on mass/weight. The children will be learning to compare and read mass using scales. Today’s work has an interactive power point that you can work through with your child and 2 sets of worksheets. The worksheets have stars at the bottom and are ordered from the easiest to the hardest. Choose the sheet that you feel your child will be able to do but it should not be too easy. If you open the zip file above then all of this week’s work is there, the PDF’s and Power Points.


Today there is a discussion task linked to yesterday’s mass/weight work. See the PDF in the zip file at the top of the page.


Today is a practical one. Use the activity cards that are on the PDF for today but you don’t have to do these. It is all about getting out the scales and letting your child weigh things. They will need help to read the scales to start with as it is often tricky for them to understand the scale used. Have fun weighing. Perhaps you could do some cooking and weigh the ingredients.


Today there is a PDF in the Zip file at the top of the page, continuing to focus on Mass/weight.



Print off the sheet for today (at the top of today’s page). This sheet asks the children to draw on the hands and read the scales. There is also an online task


Work for week beginning 15th June.

This week’s work is on sheets provided in the PDF (see link in English section). This is going back over fractions which the children have learnt before. There is one sheet per day on here. It is the same pack as the grammar/writing work so you only need to print off the one pack.

I have also set some new Mathletics for you to do this week.

Summer Term 2

This week I have put a 2 PDF files below (one is work for advice and answers). There is a weeks worth of maths work on the PDF. The pack also contains some English work which I have not set but you may like to look at if you have not had access to the Inside Out film set for writing.


I have also set some new work on Mathletics for this week.


Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Foote

Monday 1st June

Today there is a choice of 2 tasks. For anyone who is on Club 66 or below (55,44,33,22) please do the multiplication game set on Purple Mash 2Do.

For those of you Club 77 and above I have set you a task on the 2Do’s that asks you to sort the multiples of times tables using a Venn diagram. Drag the number into the part of the diagram that is labelled with the times table that the number is an answer (multiple of). Some numbers may be in both times tables and so they can be put in the part where the circles cross over.


Tuesday 2nd June

Today we are going to revisit money and use it to make larger amounts of money than before. Click on the following links. If it does not work you may need to create an account but this should be free for you to use during school closure. It let me use them at home.

If you are unable to access this then use real money to make different amounts. The children should be familiar with the larger denominations e.g. £20 notes.


Wednesday 3rd June

Ask the children to make a shop at home. It could be a toy shop, food shop or other. They should price each item and us the £ and p signs correctly. They will need to have some money either real or pretend is fine. Play shops. The children have been practicing making amounts of money but will need your help to be able to give correct change. The best way is to count on using coins to make to the next ten, then £1. The children who are more confident may wish to challenge themselves by using larger or more tricky prices.


Thursday 4th June

Keep shopping and practicing giving change. You could deliberately give them too little or too much change and see if they spot your mistake. (Only do this if they are able to confidently give you the correct change though).


Friday 5th June

Today I have set a money game but if you are unable to access this then continue to shop in your shop.,

Summer Term Week 5

Monday 18.5.20

Hello all.

Today I would like the children to go onto Mathletics and catch up on the tasks that have been previously set. Some of you have been amazing and have done all the work that I have set so far so you can have a day off of maths today!! However lots of you have plenty of tasks to choose from today.


Tuesday 19.5.20

Launch this game to practice your arithmetic skills. You can choose how big the numbers are that you use and if you want to practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. It is a great mental maths game. You need to be quick!! Have fun.


Wednesday 20.5.20

Today there is a power point to do with your child. Do all of the screens today please.


Thursday 21.5.20

Today I would like the children to do some cooking for maths. They need to do the measuring please. Help them to understand the scales for the measurements. You can bake or cook anything you like together. Cooking is a great way for children to learn how to measure liquids and solids and something it is easier for you do at home than it is for us in school. You can send me some pictures of the finished work!! Enjoy.


Friday 22.5.20

Today I have set a maths game on Purple Mash in the 2Do section. It is called sequence snake. The children can choose the level that they play but if it is too easy or hard please encourage them to adjust to a suitable level.

Mathletics for those of you who have activities still set to do.

Summer Term Week 4

Monday 11.5.20 to Friday 15.5.20


Unfortunately the site that we usually use is no longer providing worksheets for parents to download for free. although they are still providing the teaching clips which I know lots of you have found useful. We as a school have not subscribed to this site as a Premium user in the past as we pay for Matheletics instead.  You are welcome to use the clips however we do not expect parents to pay for sheets.

Instead please use the daily BBC bitesize lessons Click on Year 2 and each day a maths lesson will be available with resources for free. Click on the learn picture, this is a slide show to aid teaching and then there are 3 activities a day underneath. If you click on the picture it will take you to the Twinkl site work which you can print off for free or do on paper. The answers are also available. It is always a good idea to mark with your child and help them to understand why an answer may be incorrect. Children learn a lot from having a go and then learning from a mistake. Let them try it again to see how to get the correct answer. This is a great way to learn maths.


I have set work on Mathletics too for this week. We are going to look back over some addition and subtraction tasks.

Summer Term Week 3

Monday 4.5.20 to Friday 8.5.20


White Rose link for the week as usual Please note that this has been produced by them and not me and I am aware that this  will be too easy for some of the class therefore I have put alternative work links here. This is a page to print off if possible.


These are some online tasks.


There is a daily maths challenge on Type in Year 2 and relevant work will come up. It will show work for other subjects too which you may like to use. the year 2 video has some ideas for games that involve some strategy as well as basic number work.


There is also some  new work set on Mathletics for the children to do.


Happy mathsing everyone.

Mrs Foote

Summer Term

Week 2

This week we are continuing our work about measure. The children will be comparing measurements and solving some problems to do with measure. Please use the site  and do the Summer week 2 work, one session per day. 


There is work set on Mathletics linked to measurement and remember to do some measuring around that house too.


This site has lots of games that are great for developing quick recall of number facts. The Grade 2 games fit well for Year 2 but if the children want to challenge themselves or find them too easy then try a higher Grade.


Take care all.

Mrs Foote

Summer Term

Week 1

This week we will be finishing off fractions and starting measurement.

The daily lessons with a clip and work is on the White Rose site   Summer term week 1.


There is a lesson a day on this link.


Alongside this I have set measurement work on the Mathletics site for the children to access.


If you have a ruler or tape measure then the best thing for children to do is measure things. The heights, lengths, widths ( the word width may need explaining). They can measure their toys, shoes, hands, cooking utensils, pens and pencils etc. Get them to draw lines of different lengths too. Ask them to draw shapes with sides of a given length e.g. a rectangle with 2 sides that are 6cm and 2 that are 9 cm. The children need to be able to measure and draw to the nearest half cm.


Have some fun with measuring. 

Mrs Foote




Good morning everyone. Today we are going to make some puzzle pictures by dragging the picture piece that will be at the bottom right of the the game, to the correct clock face.

Please use the link to find the game. Have a look and see other gamed on this site that will help you practice your maths skills.


Have a good day.

Mrs Foote



Good morning everyone.


I have set some more time activities on the Purple Mash site for today. Don't forget there is also day 4 of the White Rose work that I set on Monday.


Well done Precious for passing Club 44 this week. She sent me a photo of her completed sheets. Great work.


Mrs Foote



Good morning all.


I have set some time tasks on Purple Mash 2Do's list. You can also see the White Rose Week 2 day 3 work ( the link for this is on Monday's page).


Remember the Club 99 sheets are also available on this page.


I know that lots of you are working very hard at your maths and this is great to see. Keep up the good work.


Mrs Foote



I have put 2 shape activities on Purple Mash today. These are good for remembering the names of shapes and which are 3D and which are 2D.


There is also day 2 of the White Rose week 2 maths, Please see the link I put on yesterday.


Remember to keep working on telling the time. 


Well done everyone.


Mrs Foote




Good morning Year 2.


This week we are continuing to look at fractions with the daily lessons on the White Rose site We are on to week 2 work. Parents the answers are available if you click on the answer part of the daily work. Please mark the work with your child, or they can mark it themselves. I will not be able to mark individual children's work for this as I am sure you can understand.


Continue to practice telling the time with your children too.


There are still plenty of activities set on Matheletics too.


Keep mathsing everyone.

Mrs Foote




Good morning year 2.


It's Friday so time for some fun. Have a look at this website and choose the grade 2 screen. There are lots and lots of games to play that practice maths. Choose what you would like to play and spend 20 minutes of having maths fun. 


You can also look at the White Rose weeks work for today that I posted earlier in the week if you would like more to do.


Have fun everyone.

From Mrs Foote



Hello everyone.


I am not adding more work today as there is already a lot set on Mathletics. I can see lots of you have done some of the work but there is lots left to do and I am not going to add more yet. Don't forget you can play on the game that practices mental maths too.


You can also do today's work on the White Rose link (see yesterdays link).


Please practice telling the time at home. This is a really useful thing to be able to do.


Happy mathsing everyone.


Mrs Foote



Hello everyone.


I have put some more tasks on Mathletics for you to do.


We use a site called White Rose for maths in school to structure our work around and ensure progression through the year groups. They have put together a weeks set of lessons about fractions. The children have done fraction work so some of them may find bits of this easy, however it is good revision. Each day has a teaching point screen and worksheet if you are able to print. If not you could do the work on paper if possible. Please could parents mark this as you go as we will not be able to mark all of this when we all get together again.


The link is  . There are 5 lessons and you can do as few or as many as you like over the week. They have said that there will be a new one for next week so I will keep watch.


Keep going everyone.


Mrs Foote



Good morning everyone.


Mrs Gibbins was teaching you about symmetry last week. Please look on the 2Do sections and draw some symmetrical pictures today please. Then look around the house and see how many things there are that are symmetrical. Have some things got more than 1 line of symmetry? What about you? Are you symmetrical?


Look further down the page and you will see that I have added Club 99 for you to practice at home today please.


Don't forget to do some of the other work if you have not done any yet.


Take care,


Mrs Foote


Good morning Year 2.

Today you are going to be using Purple Mash to do your Maths work. I have set the Fraction Pizza game for you all on the 2Do section. This is fun and you can choose which level you wish to play. You can play as many times as you like and challenge yourself if you wish to.  


It is a good time to learn to tell the time. This is a great life skill and a unit that I would be teaching Year 2. The children need to be able to tell the o'clock time, half past, quarter past and quarter to. If they can already do this then practice telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. They need to be able to tell the time using a digital and a clock face. You could use a paper plate and card to make your own clock.


Happy mathsing.

Mrs Foote

Counting Ladders