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 This weeks maths home learning. 

Please follow the white rose maths link below. It will take you to a page with daily home learning activities they are lots of fun and based around books. We are currently on Summer term week 9 this week it is linked to the How many legs I hope you have lots of fun!


W/C 13th July- Please continue to follow the white rose sessions


W/C 6th July- Please continue to follow the white rose sessions


W/C 29th June- Please continue to follow the white rose sessions this week is Olivers Vegetables. There is also the home learning pack on the english sub pages


W/C 21st June- Please follow this weeks white rose sessions based around Zog. Remember there is also the home learning pack on the English sub page. 


W/C 15th June- Please follow the white rose Princess Mirror-Belle sessions above. There is also the home learning pack in the English sub-page that covers doubling. 



In school this week we are looking at sharing.


8th June- Give your child a pile of toys or sweets then give them an even number. Can you child get that many toys into a pile? Now ask them to share the toys between two people. See how they share them ask them if it is fair? Do both piles have the same? Repeat for other even numbers


9th June-Repeat activity from yesterday but after sharing write an addition number sentence for what you have done e.g. 4 + 4 = 8 towards the end of the game give them an odd number to share between 2 people. Can it be done fairly? Talk about odd and even numbers


10th June- Today we are looking at odd and even numbers. Talk about how odd numbers mean you can't share them between 2 people. Sort the numbers from 1-10 into 2 piles can be shared between 2 and cant be shared between 2. 


11th June- Practice sharing numbers but today try to write subtraction number sentences

e.g. 8 - 4 = 4


12th June- Practice forming your numbers to 20




2nd June- Today we are looking at subtraction. Can you cut some fruit up and put them on a plate. How many do you have? Write that number on a piece of paper then take 2 pieces away. Write - 2 on your piece of paper. How many pieces of fruit do you have left? Try counting back in your head, then count to check. Write your answer at the end of you number sentence don't forget to put the = sign. 


3rd June- Today I want you to look at sharing. Cut some fruit up like yesterday and share it between 2 people (or teddies). How did you do it? Did everyone have the same amount? 


4th June- Try and make a pattern with your fruit. Start with a simple one e.g. banana apple banana apple. Then you can get more complicated adding more fruit. 


5th June- Write your numbers from 1-20 making sure they are all the right way round. 


Number blocks and alphablocks are useful videos to watch as a break and are available on youtube or on BBC iPlayer.