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Summer Term 2

This weeks topic is The Royal Family

This term is going to be a little different than before because the staff are all back in school from Monday to Thursday working with the Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children. We are going to do weekly whole school topics so that teachers can manage 2 classes (1 in school and one at home) more easily but also so that we are all working together even if we can’t be together.

This weeks topic is the Royal Family.

I have put together some links, power points and printable sheets (see below) that you can use to find out who’s who in the Royal Family.

Summer Term Week 5


This week I thought it would be good to look at some hero’s from history. People who changed the world.

Rosa Parks

The bbc bitesize page teaches the children about Rosa Parks. Watch the films and talk about her with your child. How did what she did make her a hero to millions of people? At the bottom there is an activity for the children to do online as well.

Dr Martin Luther King.

The bbc bitesize page teaches the children about Dr Martin Luther King. Watch the films and talk about his life and his achievements together. How did he change the world? There are 2 activities to choose from on this page. You can do either or both.

Emmeline Pankhurst

The bbc bitesize page has clips and a quiz about Emmeline Pankhurst. Watch together and talk about her life and the changes that she made happen.

Neil Armstrong

The bbc bitesize page has clips and activities about Neil Armstrong. You could also google Tim Peak to find out about another famous astronaut.


Mrs Boucher has started her own music page on our site and is putting a song a week onto it. The easiest way to find the page is to click on this link for the Year 2 songs so far. .

Summer Term Week 4

Hello Year 2

This week I have found some fun science and creative activities all linked to our Superhero topic. These are all for fun but if you have a go don't forget I love to see photos to go on our page.


The links below can be done in any order and they do not all need to be done. Pick and choose the ones you would like to try. If you don't have the resources at home then do not worry about not doing them now, they may be good for another day when you have had a chance to get out and about more. 


Or look below at these PDFs for some more fun ideas.

Have fun everyone.

Mrs Foote

Summer Term Week 3

On Friday it is VE Day and is a Bank Holiday. This weeks activities are linked to this and the English work set.


Activity 1

Watch this clip to find out about VE Day.


This site is an interesting account of how Yeovil celebrated VE Day in 1945. The children would need some help to read but scroll down and there are some great photos of the day. See if the children can work out where in Yeovil they were taken.


This site has lots more information about WW2 and is written for children. Let the children explore the bits that interest them on this site as there is a lot of information. Click on the left hand side list to go to different pages. Remember the children will learn more about WW2 through their school years and so they don't need to know it all now.


Activities linked to VE Day - these can be done in any order

There are Power points explaining the history of VE Day and the 75th Anniversary as well as several colouring in tasks and activities that can be printed off from this page linked to VE Day.


There is a colour in a wartime plane set on Purple Mash.


For those of you who enjoy cooking this link tells you a little about rationing during the war and gives some recipes that you could try.


The Queen will be addressing the Nation on Friday evening. I think it is going to be at 9pm which is a little late but the children should know that it is happening even if they don't listen so that they can include it in their newspaper article (next Monday, see English). They are planning on singing Vera Lynns, We'll meet Again afterwards. The Independent Newspaper has information about this and has the lyrics for the National Singalong that they are planning.


I hope that you find all of the above useful and enjoyable too.

Take care and keep safe everyone.

Mrs Foote


Summer Term Week 2

Activity 1

This week we are going to have some fun with your toys. Choose one of your toys to be the superhero like Traction Man from the story last week and another toy to be their pet, like scrubbing brush. Have fun playing with them around the house having adventures together. Perhaps they save another toy from falling in the bin or they climb the mountain of the kitchen cupboard.


Activity 2

Junk modelling is great fun. This week use empty boxes, toilet rolls, lids or any other packaging that your parents say is ok to use to make a vehicle for Traction Man. It could be a boat, a car or any other that you can imagine. Have fun.


Activity 3

How many Superheroes do you know? Make a version of a top trump pack using them. For each card draw a picture of your hero and award them points for Strength, Bravery, Kindness, Skill and any other category you may wish to use. You could use real life Superheroes if you wish e.g. Doctors, nurses, firefighters etc.



This week our song links with our topic, people who help us. Follow this link,



I have set a Superhero 2Do on Purple Mash. This does need the children to be able to access a camera either on an ipad or laptop though so I know that not all of you will be able to do this. It is fun if you can. Choose which one of 2 than I have set.

Summer Term Week 1


Hello to the Summer term.


On Wednesday this week it is World Earth Day. The children in school will be doing some activities about Earth this week and I thought it could be fun for you all to have a go at these too if you can.

Salt dough ornaments.

The children could make the salt dough necklaces and or  make the coasters. 

Resources: Salt, flour, beads, twine, paint





Earth promises

As the filters are drying discuss with the children how the planet has changed since the lockdown.  Look at some examples that have been reported.  E.g. canals are free from pollution in Venice, being able to see Himalayans in India etc. 

Children to write a promise to how they can help make a change to the Earth so that we can continue to see the natural beauty using silver pens on the black card.  (Adults or older children to scribe for younger)

Resources: Filter papers, black card, glue, silver pens. 





Hello everyone. Mrs Blackledge worked with year 2 for 3 weeks last term to teach them some Spanish. She has kindly put sent me this link for the children to learn some Spanish songs.   have fun with this everyone.


Mrs Foote

Ideas for all of you who love drawing.

Ideas for all of you who love drawing. 1



Hi everyone.


We have been doing some science experiments at school today and I was asked for some ideas of what could be done at home. This link has some great home learning experiments. 


Have fun.

Mrs Foote

Week 2 starting 30.3.20


This week one of the things that the children in school are doing is looking at artwork by Picaso and others with the focus on using faces as a focus for artwork. Please watch the utube clip to learn about an artist from Canada who creates artwork using different lines and colours to create her artwork.


Create some funny faces to display in your house or windows in the style of the artist. You could do one for each member of your family.


Lots of you enjoyed learning a new song last week so here is another for you. It will help you learn the name of the continents and oceans too.  


Have fun being creative.

Mrs Foote

RE :  The story of Palm Sunday

Copy and paste the link below into your browser

Talk about the on-line video clip.  Explain what is happening.  What do the people in the crowd shout when Jesus enters Jerusalem?  ‘Hosanna! Hosanna!’  Where have you heard this before?

Make some palms to wave in the procession.  Decorate A4/A3 paper with green colour pencils/pens.   Roll up and stick with tape.  Cut to halfway point all the way round so that one end looks like spiky leaves.  Pull from the centre to make the stem grow longer. 

Act out the story, wave those palms and shout Hosanna!

Sing the song ‘Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest.’ 

Week starting 23.3.20 (added to on 24th)

Those of you who were in school on Friday took home your sunflower seeds and many of you have taken a friends home too to look after for them. Make sure that the pots are in a sunny spot and have had some water. Those of you who don't have a seed ask if your parents have any that you could plant instead. If not don't worry you could look after a plant that you already have at home in the house or in the garden.


Please watch this clip about plants growing . 

These clips shows you the life cycle of a plant .


On Purple Mash I have set a task for the week on the 2Do section. This is to watch the clips above and the one on the 2Do and then write about the life cycle of a plant on the format provided on Purple Mash. Don't forget to save your work so that I can see it too.


I know that you all enjoy singing so I have found this site with a lovely song for you to learn. Parents if you click on the PDF link then scroll down through the booklet there are some lovely activity sheets and ideas that you could use. 

I will add a new song next week.


If you haven't done this already this is something that you could do.

Paint or draw a picture that you think will make someone smile and stick it in your window for other people to see. 

Spread a smile today.

Have fun.

Mrs Foote and Miss Cox