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VE week home learning

04.05.20 This week is a very special week as we would have been doing lots of different activites in school to prepare for the VE celebrations that are being held on Friday.  Friday is a special day as it is a bank holiday.  Your street may be holding a social distance street party.  This week each of the activities that I set will have a VE theme.  Today's is in preparation for Friday, you are to make some bunting that could be hung up in a window to show your neighbours and street that you are thinking about the VE celebrations. 

Enjoy the colouring!

05.05.20 Todays VE task is to think about the food that they may have eaten at this time.  Rationing was occuring, this was a way to make sure everyone had enough food a bit like recently where supermarkets limited us to a maximum of 3 of any one thing.  I have inserted a recipe book, have a look through and see if there is anything you would like to try and make this week at home.  Have fun tasting! 

06.05.20 On Friday the Queen will be giving a speech in remembrance of VE day.  At 9pm the nation is being encouraged to join in with a doorstep singalong of Dame Vera Lyn's famous song; We'll meet again.  You and your family could practice learning it using the following YouTube clip.  Enjoy!!

07.05.20 Today's task is a construction task.  I have attached a guide on how to build your own Spitfire plane.  These planes were so important during WW2 and in winning the war.  Enjoy the challenge of engineering in making your Spitfire plane fly!

08.05.20 Today is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, in school and through home learning you have all been learning about what the world was like 75 years ago and why we are celebrating today.  Your task today is try and take part in the celebrations.  Your family may also have plans to take part in a street party or have your own tea party in the garden.  There is lots on the television, radio and internet that you can watch or listen too.  

On BBC 1 today there are several scheduled programs that you may like to watch to learn a bit more about the celebrations and why we are having them.  

10.55am: A 2 minute silence at 11am to mark the 75th Anniversary of the end of the second World War.  

2.45pm: A broadcast of Sir William Churchill's famous victory speech.  

8.00pm: A musical celebration for VE Day.  

9.00pm: The Queen will speak to the nation at exactly the same time her father (King George VI) spoke to the nation 75 years ago.  

I hope you get to take part in some of the celebrations either by watching something or actually having a party. 

Have a lovely Bank Holiday, stay safe and stay at home!