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Year 2

Week 4   25/11/20


This week we started a new topic about sounds that describe a scene looking especially at myths and stories from around the UK.


Look at the clip below and decide which story you think is true about the Giant's Causeway

Can you remember the sounds we made in class for this story and the Loch Ness Monster?

Finn McCool and the Giants Causeway

Finn McCool and the Giants Causeway

Week 3   18/11/20


In our lesson this week we were playing instruments along to Scooter girl which had a change of speed (tempo)


Listen to this clip of a body percussion group. They are playing along to a famous piece of music called In the hall of the mountain king. Can you hear it getting faster and faster?


Body Avlaia Group - In the hall of the body percussion king

A body percussion cover in Grieg's " In the hall of the mountain king". The body percussion class : Varvaki Mata, Georgaka Zoi, Theodoroudi Kassiani, Kaliamp...

Week 2    11/11


As it is Remembrance day today why don't you have a listen to the pieces of music on the clip below and see if you can march along to the beat like soldiers. When you get too tired of marching, clap along to the beat. 


Which is your favourite one?

Week 1   4/11/20


This week in music we will be thinking about tapping a steady beat and also making the beat speed up and slow down. Remember our Grandpa strolling down the avenue song and the way it gets faster each time until we gets to the friends running.


Listen to this song about Tempo which means the speed of the beat

See if you can tap along each time it changes speed.


October half term activities


Hi there. So we have already done 6 weeks of music making this school year and are getting used to new ways to sing and play instruments in class.


We have been exploring sounds with our voices and long and short sounds in our Dipidu and Tinga layo songs.


Watch the clip below and see if you can say which sounds are long and which sounds are short.

Short and long sounds in music

Listen to the amazing sounds around us. Can you identify short and long sounds?

Week beg 13/07


Hello! Last week of term! :)


Hope you have been able to have a go at the musical activities I have been putting up here and enjoyed learning some new songs.


To round off the term here is a  link to some YCC Kids Songs that the young people from my church have put together. (My Lighthouse and Be Happy are my faves!)

They are fun to join in with and remind us that Jesus is always with us no matter what we are doing or where we are.


I am sorry not to be able to say goodbye to you in person but will pray that you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you all back in September.

Keep on singing and making music! 


Take care and God bless

Mrs Bowsher

Week beg 6/07


Hi there, this week I would like you to have a go at learning the song There was an old woman who swallowed a fly. It's a fun nonsense song that you may know already. If not have a listen.


Can you remember the order the animals go in? And can you spot all the rhyming words too?

Maybe you can make up your own verses using different animals and find words that rhyme...?


When you've done that here is a fun song to sing and dance along to. Superhero!


Enjoy singing this week! :)




Week beg 29/06


This week we are thinking about the Olympic games so here are some fun songs to get you moving. 


I thought you would enjoy this to warm up.


This is also a fun song to sing and dance to. Every move I make


And Peace like a river to end


Hopefully you are nicely out of breath now! 

Can you make up your own dance to go with one of these songs? Have a go :)

Week beg 22/06


Hope you are enjoying the lovely sunny weather after all the rain!


This week we will be thinking about music from Africa.

Have a listen to the Sounds from Kenya clip


How many different sounds can you hear from everyday life in Africa. Think about the sounds and rhythms that you make...walking up the stairs, whisking eggs, knocking on a door, eating a bag of crisps! Which sounds are the same, which are different?


Make a list and try to create your own Sounds of Yeovil piece of music! Enjoy! Dance along to this!



Week beg 15/06


This week we are going to be thinking about the theme of rainforests.

First have a listen to Digging the garden.


Maybe you have been helping out in the garden or growing some flowers or vegetables from seed? Have a listen and try to sing along with the words. (Tap on lyrics)


Here is a cute little song about a Toucan, a colourful bird that lives in the rainforest.

It's got a lovely swingy rhythm that makes me want to dance so why don't you? Enjoy:)

Week beg 8/06


Hi there, our songs this week have a watery theme.


Watch and learn Slippery fish.


And here is Baby beluga.


Here is a fun song I love from the little mermaid. It's Under the sea! Enjoy singing along :)


Hello there, hope you all had a great half term and have been enjoying the sunshine.


The song of the week is Shake my sillies out. Have fun singing along! :)

There are some activities to do based around the song such as making up your own verses with actions to match. Have a go.


Here is another fun song for you to sing and dance along to about your feelings.

Week beg 18/05


Hi there, have a go at learning It's getting too hot for monkeys this week. It's a fun song about global warming. Once you have sung along to the song try some of the activities. Maybe you can make up some of your own words about some different animals.


Remember to keep on singing. Hopefully we can all sing together again soon. :)

Here is a beautiful song that I want to share with you all. It's called The Blessing and the words are a promise taken from the bible. This version sung by children is particularly lovely and this is my prayer to you all over this difficult time. I hope it speaks to you heart. Make sure you share it with your adults. God bless you all.

Week beg 11/05


Hi there, hope you are enjoying this lovely weather. Here is a link to our song this week In the spring. It's all about the joys of spring that we are seeing all around us now.

There are some fun activities there to for you to try.


Have a look at the videos. Have seen or heard any of the spring things there. Birds? Blossom? Then sing along with the song again. Maybe you can teach it to someone in your house. Remember singing makes you feel good! :)

Week beg 4/5/20


Hi again, we now have access to the singup at home site which has loads of fun songs and activities so I will be sharing a different link each week. There will be a song to listen to and learn and various things to do related to that song. Look in 'Activities' or the 'Pupil pack'.


Here is a song about our families and how we are all different. Have a listen and sing along. Think about all the special people you have in your life and remember to thank God for them.


The song includes the following lovely lyrics: ‘What makes a family? What ingredients do you need? Stir it up and see.’ Together with your family members, think about what words you associate with family, for example, ‘love’, ‘support’, ‘care’ and ‘acceptance’. Write your words (ingredients) down and make them into your own special recipe, which will be unique to your family. These might include: a cup of kindness, three teaspoons of affection, a pinch of humour, a tablespoon of sharing, a zest of patience, half a pound of respect, a dash of silliness, two ounces of love etc. You could make a poster to go up in the kitchen or even weigh out cake ingredients and relabel them and bake your family a cake. Enjoy! :)

Hi there,


I hope you enjoyed your rainy day songs last week. This week we will think about the sun (and it might come out again!)


Listen to ‘The sun has got his hat on’


Make up a dance to the music before the singing comes in. Then sing along to the song. For the bit in the middle can you make up some rhythms using percussion you can find in the house, spoons on pots, bells, tapping pencils. Then perform the song to a family member.


Here’s an extra song to enjoy!

Praise the Lord everyday!