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Year 3

Week beg June 1st


Hello, hope you all had a good half term and have been enjoying the sunshine.


This week we will be learning how to sing a scale. In the lesson below she uses the solfa system of hand movements. It's a bit tricky but have a go.


If you have access to a tuned instrument at home like a keyboard see if you can play a scale.


Here is a fun song for you to sing and dance along to. Enjoy! :)

Week beg 18/05


Hi there, this week have a look at this lesson on how to beat box using rhythmic patterns. I think you'll enjoy this one. There is a little bit of theory learning the notes that represent the beats but a chance to have a go as well. box-using-rhythmic-patterns-year-4-wk2-5#slide-2


If you know any good songs to beat box to maybe you can using the skills you have just learnt.Have fun! :)

Here is a beautiful song that I want to share with you all. It's called The Blessing and the words are a promise taken from the bible. This version sung by children is particularly lovely and this is my prayer to you all over this difficult time. I hope it speaks to you heart. Make sure you share it with your adults. God bless you all.

Week beg 11/05


Hi there, this week we will be learning about pulse. Follow this link for a lesson. Hope you enjoy clapping along to the examples and learning the new call and response song at the end.


Why don't you try to find the pulse of the songs you hear on the radio or to the adverts on the TV or ask a member of your family to sing their favourite song and clap or tap along to the pulse. Which one was the fastest/slowest? Did any speed up or slow down at the end?

I expect you are all missing your friends.Look for the song You've got a friend in me from Toy story and have a sing along. Remember...singing makes you feel good! :)

Week beg 4/5/20


Hi again, we now have access to the singup at home site which has loads of fun songs and activities so I will be sharing a different link each week. There will be a song to listen to and learn and various things to do related to that song. Look in 'Activities' or the 'Pupil pack'.


This song is about people who help us. We have so many people around us who help us, mums and dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, doctors and teachers. Think about the ones you have in your life that you can be grateful for.


Use the tracks to learn the tune. Then perform it to your family using the backing track when you feel confident. Hope you enjoy singing along. Try learning the signing actions too. Enjoy!

Hi there, hopefully you have found this page where I will be putting activities for you to do over the next few weeks


I hope you enjoyed singing and dancing along to the skeleton songs last week.

Here is another!


This week I would like you to have a go at making up your own bones rap using some of the words for bones in our bodies. Try using skull, femur, fibula and pelvis. (Do you know where these are in your body?)

Here’s a rap to give you some ideas


Say the words or choose your own and count how many syllables they have( 1,2 or 3) Can you say where in your body it is eg: my head, my knee.

Try clapping along to the rhythm. If you have a keyboard set a steady beat to perform to.  Enjoy rapping!