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Year 5

¡Hola Year 5!  

Welcome to your Spanish class page. I will be posting topics that we have been learning each week for you to practice at home. Please have a go

Remember, little and often will help you to learn Spanish more quickly smiley

Autumn 2/Otoño 2

¡Hola!  Semana 10, 20 de noviembre

I am sorry you did not have your Spanish this week year 5. We were going to start the topic of the body 'mi cuerpo'.  You're going to learn 8 parts of the body and sing a famous song. I wonder what it is ......? smiley Watch the following clip, practice the 'body' words and sing the song. Extra challenge: write the words down and say whether they are masculine or feminine nouns, singular or plural nouns.

Interesting fact and research: The Incas lived in the Andes in South America over 500 years ago. What did they prize the most, in fact considered more valuable than gold or silver and why do you think this is? ..... hint: it has become a key ingredient in European cooking!

 ¡hasta la vista! See you next week.

Spanish 10: saying parts of the body

Enabling children to say 8 parts of the body in Spanish and to sing a song.

¡Hola!  Semana 9, 13 de noviembre

I hope you all enjoyed the code breaking lesson yesterday. See if you can find out more information about Bletchley House, the Enigma machine and Colossus (the giant computer). I am posting the Spanish alphabet and the song that goes with it for you to practice at home. You can also practice the alphabet on Linguafun. Why not have a go at inventing codes for your own Spanish words. Bring them to Spanish next week :)

¡Hola y bienvenidos! (Week/Semana 8,  5 de noviembre) 

This week, year 5 have started the second half of Autumn term by learning about the Hispanic festival for 'Día de los muertos' (Day of the dead). It takes place on All Saints (1st November) and All Souls (2nd November). We looked at the tradition of making an ofrenda (an altar to remember loved ones) and decorating it with their favourite foods, drinks, photos, flowers, candles. I am posting a video story about a family getting ready for this special day and a couple of extra craft activities for pupils to do at home. From next week we will be watching the film 'Coco' (in Spanish with English subtitles smiley) and starting our topic on the family.

Story about the Day of the Dead. A family is busy getting ready and preparing food for this celebration.

Autumn 1/Otoño 1

Hola (Week/Semana 7/ 22 de octubre)  This week we have been revising lots of Spanish grammar by looking at Pablo Picasso and his pets! We have revised: masculine and feminine nouns, adjectives and adjectival agreement, sentence order. For more practice please go to Linguafun: No 6 Mis animales /activities 11 and 12. You can do the other activities if you want or need more practice with pets.

Have a lovely half term holiday year 5. Check out the autumn activities on the main page :)

¡Hola! (week/semana 6 -15 de octubre)

This week year 5 and year 6 are revising our Spanish colours and looking at the life and artwork of the Catalan artist, Joan Miró. Why not have a go. Please visit the year 6 Spanish class page and watch the clips from Lightbulb languages to revise your colours and the short animated clip that brings Joan Miró's artwork to life. Enjoy :)

1 Spanish revision video clips  (2020)

Revision Spanish 1: saying hello and saying how you feel

First in a series for primary school children, to enable them to say hello in Spanish and to ask how someone is feeling and say how they are feeling.

Revision Spanish 2: saying what your name is and asking others their name

Latest in a series for primary school children, to enable them to say what their name is in Spanish and to ask someone else their name.

Revision Spanish 3: saying goodbye

Enabling children to say goodbye in Spanish and to take part in a short conversation.

Spanish 18: saying your age

Enabling children say their age in Spanish, using the numbers up to 15

Spanish 24: saying 9 pets, their names and ages

Enabling children to say 9 pets in Spanish, to say if the words are masculine or feminine, and to say the pets' names and ages.

Fun song about pets! ¿Qué Mascota Tienes Tú?

Spanish teaching song for learning about different pets and use of the verb Tener to talk about what pets you have.

Revision Spanish 27: counting up to 39

Enabling children to count from 1 to 39 in Spanish.

Contando del 1 al 20 | Números | PINKFONG Canciones Infantiles

A different song to practise your numbers up to 20! Frijolitos are small beans or jelly beans.


Year 5 Lockdown Spanish Summer 2
Year 5 Spanish Summer 1