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Year 5

Year 5 Spanish Summer 2

​​​​​​Hasta la vista Year 5 (semana 12, 13 de julio)


I will not be setting any more Spanish this week as you have lots to be getting on with. You can always choose a topic to learn from Linguafun if you have finished all the work.


Remember to keep practicing your Spanish during the holidays, especially if we have a rainy day - let's hope not too many!. I will leave my work up until the end of August if you wish to finish anything.


If you would like an extra Spanish holiday activity, go to the following site. It is a calendar of holiday activities. Some of you may recognize it from last year. This is the next level - lots of fun things to do and no need to be bored


I am going to leave you with the last song that we learnt Somos como las flores


Ya nos vemos/I'll see you in September in Year 6!

Señora Blackledge smiley




Hola Year 5 smiley  week/semana  6 de julio Week 11  Parks Week


Our school topic this week is about 'Parks'. Parks in Spain and much of South America are places where people like to practice sport, especially football, running (el jogging) and tennis. As we have been studying South America this yearI am going to post a clip about some of the most beautiful places to be found in the 10 National Parks in South America:   Watch this first and then go to the following site which gives you information about the National Parks in South America. I would like you to choose one of these National Parks to do some research on and write a project about. This can be handed in during the summer or in Year 6 (don't forget to do this week's Park pdf, week 11)  

Our Olympic topic this week, we are going to learn how to talk about sport that we play. Please look at the Olympic pdf for week 10. Before you do, watch this last interview that David Beckham gave before he left his Spanish club Real Madrid. I was impressed with his accent! I wonder if you can pick up any mistakes ;) His Spanish fans loved that he could talk to them in Spanish.

Year 5 Spanish Summer 1