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Year 6

​​​​​​Adiós and Au revoir Year 6

Hola Year 6, I am sorry not to be able to say 'Adiós' to you in person.


I will not be setting any more French as you have lots to be getting on with. You can always choose a topic to learn from Linguafun if you have finished.I hope you have enjoyed your French 'taster' lessons.


Remember to keep practicing your Spanish. If you scroll down to Summer 1, I have posted pdfs with all the conversation language we have learnt.


If you would like a Spanish holiday activity to keep you busy, check out the following link. Some of you may recognize it, this is the next level. You go to the day of the week and check out the activity they have set. It is mostly interactive. No need to be bored


I wish you all the very best in your transition to your new schools in September. Remember to keep practicing your languages, little and often smiley


I'm going to leave you with a few clips. The first you will recognize. It is 'La Mariposa' by Federico García Lorca. You recited it so well. I hope it comes back to you!


The next is a song called 'Despacito crecemos(slowly we grow up) You might recognize the tune ;) It is about growing up, leaving Primary and all the things you have learnt during your years at Primary school. See how much you can understand: 


The final clip I also posted on my main page, Recuérdame from the film Coco:


Have a lovely summer break, you have really earned it.

Señora Blackledge smiley

Year 6 French Summer 2

Bonjour Year 6! 

I hope you all had a lovely half term. For the second half of the Summer term we are finally going to start French smiley - Chapeau! 

French, like Spanish, is a Romance language. It follows a similar 'pattern'. Many of the grammar rules we learnt for Spanish can be applied to French. However, the sound and phonics of French is very different!


Each week we will learn a few more French sounds with the topic of that week and I want you to practise each sound (lots and lots!) That way, you will develop lovely French accents.


Some of you may also want to continue your Spanish and I have up-loaded the Spanish conversation pdfs for you (see below under Summer 1). Keep practicing (and writing if you wish to) You can also continue to follow the Spanish lessons with the National Oak Academy. Lots do!

Enjoy and remember - little and often will turn you into  great linguists.

"One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages opens

every door along the way"

Allons-y! /Let's go!

French Week 6  (from 6th July): This week, we're learning our colours in French and how to talk about our pets in French.

Phonics: Before starting lesson 6, practice your phonic sounds from last week. This week I want you to focus on learning how to say : R (as in rouge/red) French Rs are very different to Spanish Rs. It sounds a bit like the 'ch' in loch, from the back of the throat. Just keep practicing. Say Paris, Paris,Paris Paris many times :)

French Lesson 6 Week 11: Now you're ready to start lesson 6 on French colours


This song made me chuckle! It might seem familiar to some of you! Enjoysmiley

Tout ira bien (all will be fine) I came across this lovely song, sung by French children during lock down. Singing about missing their friends and having time to look at nature and other similar feelings that you (we) may all be feeling at this time. 'Restez chez nous' means to 'Stay at Home'

La Belle Pieuvre (The pretty octopus - (you learnt this song in Yr4 Spanish. Now learn it in French!)

J'ai demandé à la lune: a lovely song about 'asking the moon why....'


French Lesson 2: Greetings

Year 6 Spanish Summer 1