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Year 6

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Year 6 French Summer 2

Bonjour Year 6! 

I hope you all had a lovely half term. For the second half of the Summer term we are finally going to start French smiley - Chapeau! 


French, like Spanish, is a Romance language. It follows a similar 'pattern'. Many of the grammar rules we learnt for Spanish can be applied to French. However, the sound and phonics of French is very different!


Each week we will learn a few more French sounds with the topic of that week and I want you to practise each sound (lots and lots!) That way, you will develop lovely French accents.


Some of you may also want to continue your Spanish and I have up-loaded the Spanish conversation pdfs for you (see below under Summer 1). Keep practicing (and writing if you wish to) You can also continue to follow the Spanish lessons with the National Oak Academy. Lots to do!

Allons-y! /Let's go!

French Week 1: This is an 'introduction week' to French. I want you to get used to hearing the sound, so I will be including lots of clips and songs for you to follow and sing to. Many of these are on you tube, so please check first with your Parents or Carers.


This week there is a small quiz on the pdf and we are starting with the 'French alphabet' to get you practicing those letters smiley I will put our lesson on a pdf each week with a 'short' introduction. We will be using Linguafun a lot, so make sure you can log on! You will notice Linguafun has changed a bit, but it is mostly the same (without the Bingo sad)


Before you look at this week's pdf, listen to these two songs. The first is a lovely French song to enjoy and the second is an alphabet song from Basho  - yes, he sings in French too!

Enjoy and remember - little and often will turn you into  great linguists.

"One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages opens

every door along the way"


J'ai demandé a la Lune (I asked the Moon..)


French Alphabet


Year 6 Spanish Summer 1