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Welcome to Reception!

Tuesday 12th February 2019


Well done to all the children who have been practicing their spellings!


Thank you to all of the parents who have be using tapestry. If you are having any problems with logging into you account please see Mr Langdon.


Unfortunately our Reception assembly was cancelled due to snow. I have recorded the children telling the story of the billy goats gruff and singing baby goat, these will be playing during parents evenings. Why not ask your child to sing the Baby goat song to you, it has the same tune as 'baby shark'. The lyrics are 1. baby goat 2. middle goat 3. biggest goat 4. scary troll 5. trip trap splash 6. fresh green grass 7. munch munch munch 8. safe at last 9. its the end.  



Children have now covered all 26 letter sounds and the digraphs: ch, th, sh, ng, nk, ay, ee, ow, oo (as in book), oo (as in zoo). We have also covered the tri-graph igh. Over the next few weeks we will be covering: ar, or, air, ir, ou and oy. All children have a reading book now, books will be changed regularly. Please remember to sign in the reading diary so we can change books and children can get their house point for reading. The link below shows you how each letter if formed so that you can help your children at home. 



We have began to look at 3d shapes in class. The shapes we cover within reception are; cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone and pyramid. See what 2d and 3d shapes you can find at home! Record it on a piece of paper or take a photo for tapestry.



We have continued getting children changed for PE, please encourage your children to be as independent as possible when getting changed at home. PE days are: Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure that children have their PE bags in school on these days. 



Picture 1 Mr. Langdon
Picture 2 Miss. Neville
Picture 3 Miss. Cox

Letter formation

Letter formation 1