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As a school we get regular updates from County on issues regarding online safety for children.  We have been informed that there is a new online game that requests the players undress using a camera.  We have taught our pupils the potential issues regarding online gaming and safety but we are making parents aware of this new game.  We haven't got a name but please be vigilant to any changes in behaviour regarding your child(ren) and playing online games.   


Safeguarding assemblies


We will be starting a series of 'Safeguarding' assemblies.  These will focus on the children's understanding of safeguarding and how to keep safe.  During these assemblies we will be referring to information and guidance from the NSPCC.  If your child comes home asking questions about keeping safe then please answer them honestly but at a level they can understand.

We will be covering aspects of child abuse and if you would rather your child not be involved with this then please let me know.

Here are some useful websites that could help at home:

Protecting our children


"A strong culture of safeguarding has been built around a secure knowledge of pupils’ individual need," - OFSTED 2017


The school takes its Child Protection responsibility seriously and aims to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and young people in its care.


Our ethos fosters partnership between school and parents, listening to and valuing pupils, training staff to be aware of signs and symptoms of abuse and carrying out the correct procedures, maintaining a safe school environment, and working in partnership with other agencies in this area.


The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs A Frost, so please speak to her should you with to know more about these procedures, or see a copy of the school's Child Protection Policy. Miss A-M Travers and Mrs M Cooper are the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads.


Equally, we are also committed to policies that promote equality of opportunity, positive attitudes to cultural diversity, the elimination of racial discrimination, and safeguarding children. The Single Equality Policy and Accessibility Plan are available from our Policies page, or hard copies can be supplied via the School Office.