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For the school Jubilee celebrations each class is going to decorate a flag for the decades. The decade that year 3 have been given is the 1970s. 

I would like the children to investigate where the Queen went during that decade. Were there any special celebrations that happened. 

If they could write what they found out in their homework books please.


Thank you due in Wednesday the 18th May.

The children have been looking at the book The Tunnel for the last few weeks, I would like them for their homework over Easter to write Jacks side of the story. They should know what this means.

Mrs Bennett

Homework for 23rd March 2022. Homework for this week is some red nose day jokes, in the form of a word search. The children have in their books the sheets. The PDF that I am attaching has the sheet and the answers in case you get really stuck and are unsure of the jokes.

Homework for half term. Look at the picture and continue the story.

Homework Due in Wednesday 9th February 2022

Stonehenge Homework

Your homework for this week is to build a model of Stonehenge. You can use junk modelling, Lego, bricks or anything that you can think of to build your model. When you have built it if you can then bring it into school. If you cannot move it then take a picture of it and get your parents to email it to me. (My email address is on our class page on the website.) All models will be returned.


Homework for Wednesday 26th January.


Research and write lots of facts about a subject that you are interested in.

For example football, Pokemon, Stonehenge, rugby.


Gather as many facts as you can as you will need them to write a report on them during the week.




Write a setting description for this picture using the five senses.


Please remember to look at the MFL page on the website for your Spanish homework. Your logins are in the front of your reading records for the Spanish website.



Making a whizzer wheel

Home work


Each week there will be homework for the children to do.


Reading: Reading at home is really important for your child's development. They need to be reading at least 3 times a week at home and it be recorded in their reading record.


Times tables: Knowledge of times tables is very important as the children get older they are going to need these skills. All children have a login for times tables rockstars. They should play on this at least once a week, if not more.


Mathletics: Each week there will be work set for the children to do on mathletics.