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Prayer & Liturgy

Five-finger prayer challenge

To start the Year of Prayer 2024 the children in school have been set a challenge.  They are to create their own five-finger prayer.  To do this they will need to either have a hand printout or draw around their hand.

Thumb - pray for someone close to them e.g. friends or family

Index finger - pray for someone who points them in the right direction e.g. parents or teachers

Middle finger - pray for someone in authority e.g. church leaders or politicians

Ring finger - pray for someone in need e.g. the poor or ill

Little finger - pray for themselves

Children should write their prayer and bring them into school before Friday 9th February 2024.  All prayers will be displayed in school and on the website.  The Chaplaincy team will be choosing the most creative and giving out some prizes.

Monday 11th December 2023

The school carol service was led by readers from Year 6.  They read from Luke's Gospel and took us on a choral tour of the Nativity story.

The singing group performed as part of their 'local tour'.

Friday 8 December

Feast of Immaculate Conception

Today we celebrated Mass with Father Sijuth.  It was a bit different as we did it through a hybrid approach; some classes in the hall and some in their classrooms.  It was lovely to ensure everyone had the opportunity to take part.  Thank you for your support and help.

Rosary Club 2023

During the month of Mary, October, we have been holding a Rosary Club for Key Stage 2 children at lunch times.  Children have been given their own Rosary beads and an information leaflet to take home and share with family members, if they want to.

The children have been learning the prayers of the Rosary and the significance of saying the Rosary for Catholics.  When an adult hasn't been available for the club the Year 6 members of the group have supported the younger children to keep the club going.

Well done everyone, this club is a pleasure to take part in.  It has been lovely to see Year 3 children joining in and sharing their knowledge and understanding.

Ascension Day Liturgical Service 18/05/23

The whole school took part in our Liturgical Service.  Children and staff contributed through sharing their ideas on how we share Jesus' love with others.


Today we have celebrated the Coronation of King Charles 3.  Below you will find the information we shared and discussed.


The Chaplaincy team led liturgy today.  It was the first time they have done this for a while.  Some of them were very nervous but they did brilliantly.  They chose the reading carefully and made some very good links to our value of 'curiosity'. 

St Gildas Prayerful Liturgy 26/01/2023

The whole school took part in our prayerful liturgy to celebrate our patron saint, St Gildas.  Mrs Cahill shared lots of facts about him, but we are unsure if they are true because he lived so long ago.  Much of his life has been shared through stories and so it is now legend.

Photos of our presentations will follow soon.