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Medical Matters

In general medicines should not be brought to school.  It is County policy that teachers should not administer medicines.  In special circumstances, however, by agreement with the Headteacher, prescription medicines may be given to a child, providing that the bottle is clearly labelled with the child's name and accompanied by a form requesting the administration of medicines with instruction on dosage.  Medicines must be given in to a staff member in the school office.


Any parent of an asthmatic child is asked to fill in a form stating dosage and administration of the child's medicine.  Any such medicine is kept in the child's class and can only be taken under adult supervision.

Request to Administer Medicine Form



If your child has an accident or is ill we will contact you as quickly as possible.  For this reason it is important that parents complete all details on the Admissions form provided when their child starts school. The school should be notified of any change of information as soon as possible, particularly mobile telephone numbers.