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Mental Health Awareness

27.04.20  Our mental health is a really important thing that we need to be aware of.  During lockdown it is hard because we don't have lots of different people to talk to, our routines have changed and we can't be out and about doing things that we enjoy doing.  Today's task is one for you to think about being positive.  Below is a link to the Scouts website and building a wellbeing box.  Hope you enjoy building your box.

18.05.20 This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  The theme is kindness, this is especially important at the moment as we may all be finding things difficult and need people to help us.  

Todays task is all about little messages that you can leave for people in your household and they will find them when they are least expecting it, as you are going to write them on bananas! 

Have fun thinking of kind messages that you could leave for your family.  

19.05.20 Todays task linked to Mental Health Awareness week is one linked to you feeling OK.  Books can often help us understand our own feelings and what to do next.  Characters help to explain how we might be feeling.  The following links are recommended books to help with our Mental Health from the World Book Day.  This website is brilliant for finding lots of activities to do as well as recommending books!

20.05.20 Sometimes it isn't easy to talk about how you are feeling or your hopes and dreams or your worries and concerns.  Today's task is an extended one that you may need to do over a few days or a week.  This is a story that you can interact with and create your own pages.  This might be something you want to do on your own or with someone in your house who you trust.  

Have fun!

21.05.20 As part of Mental Health Awareness week today's task is about looking after yourself.  A lot of people say exercise helps to make you feel better and it helps you to stay healthy both physically and mentally.  Today's task is to create your own little workout using your name and the suggested activities.  Have fun and enjoy getting sweaty!! 

22.05.20 Your final task during Mental Health Awareness week is one to help with you with your relaxation.  Lots of people enjoy colouring and find it helps with relaxing, some times you might hear it being called Mindfulness.  I have attached some different colouring pages you might enjoy.  Have a lovely weekend.  

02.06.20 Sometimes it can be really difficult to know what to do when we are feeling overwhelmed or anxious about something.  Self-care is really important, but it can be hard to know where to start or what kind of things to do to help you feel better.  This website I have attached below has over 90 activities that you could look at and try if you are feeling low.  You might like to do these as a family.

09.06.20 Today is Empathy day, the following link takes you to a blog written by Sita Brahmachari about empathy and how we can share empathy with our children using worry angels.  It has suggested activities as well as as her thoughts about why empathy is such an important skill for children to develop.

The second article I have linked for you is around emotional regulation and dysregulation, it can be really hard for children to understand their emotions during 'normal' times but as we face the uncertainty of when school will return and when will they get to see their friends again it can be even harder for children to understand how they are feeling.  This article outlines the importance exercise has in helping us all manage our emotions.