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Year 5 Homework

This year, children in Year 5 will not be given a reading record or spelling book, but instead they have a homework book. In this homework book, you will find log in details to both Purple Mash and Mathletics along with their half termly project and weekly reading tasks. This homework book must be in school on both a Monday (to set homework) and a Friday (hand in day for reading homework).


Please see the document below for more details.

20.09.20 - Reading Books

For the last two weeks, myself and Mrs Dyer have been completing reading assessments with the Year 5 children. We will be using this information to determine whether your child should be placed on the school reading scheme or if they are considered a 'free reader' - where they can choose their own age appropriate book. We plan to give out reading scheme books in the next two weeks, please check your child's bag for these. Those children placed on the school reading scheme must read the book at least three times before it can be exchanged for another. Books will also be quarantined upon return to ensure no passing of infection. 


Those who are assessed as being a free reader, are able to choose their books to read. Please ensure your child is reading an age appropriate book that challenges their reading skills. Children at this age often enjoy reading books such as Dork Diaries and The Diary of the Wimpy Kid, while enjoyable for the children, these do not always challenge their reading skills. Children will have the chance to attend the school library, where they can choose their reading books from too. Below you will find a link to a site with some recommended books for Year 5 children.