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This week's Topic work links to 'Toy Story 3'.

13.07.20 weekly outline  


Make Buzz Lightyear’s helmet and instead of putting a picture of Buzz’s head inside the helmet they could put a photo of themselves. 

Make a Mister Potato Head grass head 


Make a Mr Potato Head! 

Make the aliens! 

 Make a slinky dog paper chain. 

Make a circle of friends paper chain and decorate to look like 'Toy Story' characters. 



06.07.20 weekly outline 


This week’s whole school topic is ‘Parks’ 

Here are some ideas for you to choose:  You can do as many as you like.   

Be as creative as you like. 

Watch Percy the Park keeper 

This is Spring. The second of the series. 

What is a park? Who has been to one? What do you find in a park? Do they know the name of a park? 

 Ask children to draw themselves in a park.  What are they doing? Who are they with? 

Percy the Park keeper The Rescue party 


Use paper plate to create a park using a range of materials and paint. Paint first then stick materials on top. 

Paths, ponds, play equipment, trees. 

Watch Percy the Park keeper 

 Make a park with lego or other construction materials. 

Percy the Park keeper 

Make a park with lego or other construction materials.  

Make tree shape shortbread 

Make a ferris wheel out of a paper plate and cupcake cases 

Make a rollercoaster out of cardboard tubes to hold it up and rims of paper plates. 

Look up how to play how to play ‘French cricket.’ Play together. 




This week’s whole school topic is ‘The Olympic Games’ 

29.06.20 weekly outline 


This week’s whole school topic is ‘The Olympics’ 


Here are some ideas for you to choose:  You can do as many as you like.   

Be as creative as you like. 


What is the Olympics?  It’s a bit like school Sports Day but for the whole world. 

Copy and paste these links into our browser:

Hussain Bolt wins 100metres:   

Gymnastics:  The perfect 10: 


Olympic Competitors take part in the games.  What is your favourite sport?  Do you know which sports take place at the Olympics?    

Design an Olympic outfit/uniform. Draw a picture of one of the competitors that shows what they are doing.  What are they wearing to take part?  Do they need any special equipment or skills?    

Design Sports costume.  Add labels. 


London 2012 Open ceremony with the Queen:  Act out the drama to the music.  Can you choose suitable music to open the Olympic Games. 


Discuss the simple design of the Olympic Flag.  Printing Olympic Rings flag on white background.  Blue, black, red…..yellow, green. 

Design a new Olympic flag. 


Discuss positions at the Olympics.  Gold 1st First,  Silver 2nd Second, Bronze 3rd Third.  These are called ordinal numbers.   

Design an Olympic medal. 

Make an Olympic medal. 


PE:   Set up a Mini ‘Olympic Games’.  Decide which activities to include in your Mini Olympics.  Have fun trying out the games.  Decide on activities for competition.  Eg: Running, Throwing the furthest, Standing long jump, Gymnastics, Tennis and many more.  Award a medal to the winners. 


Lighting the Olympic torch:  

Find out about the Olympic Torch.  In 2012 the Olympic torch came past the KS1 classes and everyone waved. 

Design and make your own the Olympic Torch. 



22.06.20 weekly outline 

This week’s whole school topic is ‘Safari’ 

Here are some ideas for you to choose:  You can do as many as you like.   

Be as creative as you like. 


The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson 

What is a safari? 

Make binoculars to use on a pretend safari- Using toilet roll tubes and string This has a lovely making task. 

Make safari animal masks 

Safari Treasure hunt to find safari animals- Hide them outside, tick them off the sheet when you find them. 

Bigger photos to spot and talk about the different animals on this link. 

Safari bingo game printout sheet on pininterest 


Tales from Africa: 

Tinga Tales – painting in the style of the Tinga Tales artists.  

Choose animal to paint. 

Choose your adventure  Which animals are you going to choose? 

Going on a Giraffe Safari: 

Tinga Tales 

Make giraffe paper crown on pininterest 


Use blocks to create shelter for the animals 

15.06.20 weekly outline. This week’s whole school topic is ‘The Rainforest.’

Here are some ideas for you to choose:  You can do as many as you like. 

Be as creative as you like.


What is a rainforest?

Make a colourful handprint parrots


National Geographic ( older vocab/great images)


Plants and animals

Make a paper plate Monkey 

Monkey puzzle – Julia Donaldson singing video


Plants and animals

Snakes x2

Make a paper plate snake- paint green/add patterns, add eyes and a tongue. Cut into a spiral so it hangs.

Make a paper chain snake add head, eyes and a tongue.


Amazon and Business/destruction

Suncatcher with rainforest creature silhouette/picture stuck in the middle.  Hang up in the window.





Did you see the Rockpool Ramble this morning on the Ocean Conservation Trust website?

Here is a link - there are some fascinating feeding videos. There is a turtle and sharks feeding session live at 11.00am but if you miss it there are clips here!!


08.06.20 weekly outline

This week’s whole school topic is under the sea. 

On Monday it is World Ocean Day 

Here are some ideas for you to choose:  You can do as many as you like. 

Be as creative as you like.

Choose your under the sea creatures to learn more about 


Make your sea creature out our play dough.  Make a background underwater scene or habitat  for your sea creature to live. 


Jelly fish paper plates: Cut the paper plate in half paint this and then attach string or wool for the tentacles.


Rock pools 

Make under the sea sensory bottles.





The Royal Family

This is an exciting whole school Topic project.  Be as creative and imaginative as you can. Choose from the ideas below:


Make a who’s who of the Royal family.

Draw or paint a picture of the queen.


Visit The Tower of London to see the Jewels. Copy and paste this link into your browser:   

Design and make the Crown Jewels.  Design and make a crown for the Queen or future King.  Make the Queen’s necklace - thread beads onto string.  Be imaginative with the materials you use.


Design and make a new carriage for the future King so he can get about the UK or even the world. 


Build Buckingham Palace out of lego/construction materials.  Do you know any other castles the Royal family own?


Design your own throne for the Queen or the future King.

OPTIONAL half term project

Saturday is the start of National Children's gardening week.  

This is a chance to have some fun together. If you have a garden and your children are interested get them out digging and watering.


Can you create a miniature garden????

You can use plants if you have any or make some. Try and use reclaimed materials if you have them. Lego, playmobil and playdough are all great to use. Here are some ideas. Use what you have available at home and as always we would love to see any photos !!!


22.05.20  ANTARCTICA

This looks great fun!! Draw your own penguin and use WAX crayons.



Our focus is going to be the Aboriginal art from Australia.

This is a platypus in freshwater. Can you use different coloured dots to make a pattern or a picture?

20.05.20 AFRICA

You'll need an adult to help read the questions. Can you draw the African animal that the quiz is about?

Look at some other African animals if you get the chance - my favourite is the rhino. What about you?

19.05.20  ASIA

This link takes you to a lesson by the Oak National Academy. It includes a video that shares a lot of information about Asia.

If you are lucky enough to have visited any of the countries in Asia you could share photos of places you visited or of any souvenirs that you have been given.

18.05.20  Europe

Look up Europe first of all! Google Earth is great if you have it or search for Europe online or in an atlas. Explain that there are a lot of different countries in Europe. We are in the continent of Europe.


You can find lots of European countries and their flags and draw them or choose one European country and draw or write what you know or find out about that country.

15.05.20 Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim

The story goes that Irish giant Finn McCool, angry at the Scottish giant Benandonner, tore chunks off the coast and threw them into the sea, creating a path (now known as the Causeway) to his rival. As he approached, however, Finn discovered just how big Benandonner was. He quickly retreated with the Scot in pursuit. As Benandonner approached his home, Finn’s wife disguised her husband as a baby. When the Scottish giant saw the huge child, he decided his father must be even bigger and hastily made his exit.



If you were a giant where would you go? Would you stand on cars and buildings?

Draw a picture or build a model and you can be the giant!!

14.05.20  WALES

Journey to the top of the Snowdonian mountains with this fabulous website.

Look at the views and look at the trains.

Can you build, paint or draw a train? If you have been to Wales what did you see or visit?



13.05.20  SCOTLAND!

In school they are making shortbread. We had some delicious looking scones - Will we get any shortbread pictures??

Scotland is famous for it's many tartan patterns. Have a go at weaving with paper and see what you can make. Below is a link to a step by step guide. 

Experiment with ribbon or any spare material you have at home. Try and make something colourful to keep you smiling!


12.05.20  ENGLAND!

There are lots of landmarks on this map. You may have visited some of them.

Alnwick Castle
Not only is this one of England’s largest castles that a family still lives in, but has doubled as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films, and ever since provides Broomstick Training for real-life aspiring wizards.

Can you draw, build, paint or construct a castle?? (lego models are great!)

If you do not want to do a castle and have been somewhere in England that you want to share, you can draw a picture or write about it for us!!

This picture of the Somerset flag by Natan is awesome!!


Today is Somerset Day - a chance to celebrate where you live, work, learn and play!

This has a link to Haynes motor museum which has some great activities for those children that love their cars.

Somerset has a flag with a dragon on - can you draw or paint a dragon??


We will be focussing on the UK for the rest of the week.

Let's explore the UK

Tues - England

Weds - Scotland

Thurs - Wales

Fri - Ireland




If you have a printer you could try making this Spitfire glider.

If not have a go at different style paper aeroplanes. Colour yours in and sent us a photo please!

1st photo of scones in - Charlie they look delicious


No photos of any carrot scones yet, go on give them a go, they honestly are delicious!!!

There have been some bunting and poster photos already.smiley

I was in school today and we started to design a VE Day medal. It can be any shape or colour, it can have VE DAY on , 75 or pictures of men and women who were involved in wartime work at home and abroad. You can make one with card and foil, draw it or paint it.

Here are some ideas.




Firstly the children need to find out about what VE Day is about.


If you have any elderly relatives who have any memories of celebrations the children could ask them some questions.

VE Day is not just celebrated in England so if you have any relatives in other countries - How did they celebrate?

V-E Day was observed on May 8, 1945 in Great Britain, Western Europe, the United States and Australia, and on May 9 in the Soviet Union and New Zealand. V-E Day commemorates the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied forces in 1945, ending World War II in Europe.

Join in with the VE Day celebrations by making some bunting to hang in your windows, gardens or where ever you like!


One for the parents - RATIONING.

Children got 2 to 3oz of sweets a week - Can your children make 2 to 3oz of sweets last a week???

WARNING - We do not accept responsibility for any meltdowns etc.


This week you could try out some old recipes - below is one from English Heritage(see link) for carrot scones. I am going to give them a try!

I made the carrot scones - very tasty!


Enter this competition celebrating the NHS.


BBC bitesize - Using nouns and joining words to write about minibeasts

Art idea - you could use handprints instead of feet and create rainbow butterflies!!




This could be a fun activity on this wet day!


This is our last week looking at minibeasts as next week we will be doing activities linked to VE day.

1.If there is a minibeast that you love or know a lot about this is your chance to share your knowledge. Writing, drawing, models....

2.Do a minibeast count  Monday to Thursday(in your house and garden)

Record like this each day

Spider  II

Woodlice  IIII

and see on Friday which one you saw the most.

3.Did you know??

What's the UK's biggest minibeast?

It’s hard to say as invertebrates vary so much in size and shape, but these would be strong contenders:

  • The stag beetle can be up to 8.5cm long – that’s giant for a beetle.
  • The largest earthworm ever discovered in the UK was 40cm long – more like the size of a small snake. He was named ‘Dave’ and is now preserved in the Natural History Museum.

Can you amaze us with some more amazing facts???

This has a similar idea to the colours hunt some of you have already done but looks at a famous artist Andy Goldsworthy. See if you can be inspired.



Looking at the four countries that make up the UK. Video clips and activities - looks fun!!


Hope you all had a fun Easter.

There are signs of spring all around us. If you can go into the garden or a nearby park and as you walk, look for the ‘spring things’...buds opening, flowers, insects, birds singing. Watch this 'Spring is here' song and sing and dance along. Copy an paste the link.

Can you add anything to the list of ‘spring things’ and sing about them?


It is World Earth Day tomorrow so this idea(from Mrs Hiscox) would be great if you can get outside. Please remember to not pick flowers and plants unless your adults say you can!!!

If you can't go on a walk or find much in your garden you can do an inside hunt.


If you have done any work about spiders or butterflies please send some photos as we would love to see them.

Our new minibeast is a woodlouse or Billybaker (I had never heard this name for a woodlouse until I joined St Gildas - do you know any other names???)

If you didn't do any work on spiders and butterflies and would like to you still can!!

So we are looking for your creative ideas about these minibeasts. Stories or non fiction writing are great, as are models and art work.

There are lots of ideas online for work so feel free to link your child's interest to writing or maths.

BBC bitesize has new ideas starting this week. Explorify has some great science ideas.

Remember we are Key Stage 1 and Year 1.

Any cricket loving parents? Here is a link to Chance to Shine with lots of ideas to do at home -(click and paste)

Here are some creative minibeast ideas.

Origami butterflies


Some floating bugs to make.


This is a link to watch a variety of animals on webcam including bats, badgers and owls!! Fascinating stuff - I was just looking at the bats and lots of them seemed to be scratching!!

2 new minibeasts - Spiders and Butterflies

What will you amaze us with this time? You have the whole Easter weekend - will there be baking, making, painting - we can't wait to see!!




Move to Music

Enjoy listening to, singing and dancing along to these songs about Easter 

Extra video clips; What’s Easter all about? ‘Because’ Easter song

Copy an paste the links to your browser.


Our new minibeast is...... Ladybirds!!

We have been really impressed with your work about snails - can you be as brilliant with ladybirds??


We have read What the ladybird heard in class but have you heard What the ladybird heard next?

Copy this link to hear it read

or search for the book title.


We have already had some fabulous drawings and writing about snails - will we get any models? - email us so that we can share some of the work on our class page. xx



(thank you Nuala and Stanley who both found one)

Can you find out anything about garden snails? Write down what you find out.

Can you draw a snail? Can you make a snail?

Snail trail by Ruth Brown has the most beautiful pictures of a snail. Use the link below to hear and see the book     ( you will need to copy it to your browser).


Who is going to amaze us with their creative ideas???

You have until Monday when we will choose a different minibeast to study.


New month so new topic!!

We are going to do a project on minibeasts

I need you all to look around your houses and gardens or outside when you go out for exercise.

Write down all of the different little creatures that you see - on the floor, in the air  and everywhere.

Let me know what you find and then once I know what creatures we can see I will choose a creature to study for 1 or 2 days and you can find out about that creature, draw or paint pictures and make models. We should end up finding out about a lot of different creatures. I will also look in my house and garden - I know there are wood lice and spiders!!

so please get looking for little creatures !




Remember to keep sketching things all around you.  Is there something you can see out of the window?  



Watch the link below and try to copy the sounds and the movements that he makes. Can you make up your own movements to the boom chicka music? Maybe you can do your own for someone in your family to copy.


RE :  The story of Palm Sunday

Copy and paste the link below into your browser

Talk about the on-line video clip.  Explain what is happening.  What do the people in the crowd shout when Jesus enters Jerusalem?  ‘Hosanna! Hosanna!’  Where have you heard this before?

Make some palms to wave in the procession.  Decorate A4/A3 paper with green colour pencils/pens.   Roll up and stick with tape.  Cut to halfway point all the way round so that one end looks like spiky leaves.  Pull from the centre to make the stem grow longer. 

Act out the story, wave those palms and shout Hosanna!

Sing the song ‘Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest.’ 


Do some sketching

Do you remember sketching the daffodils?

We used lots of light pencil lines to make marks.  Find another spring flower to draw.  The tulips are coming out at the moment.

Draw some tulips.

Draw your sunflower plant.

Draw your pet OR the neighbour’s cat.

Draw your latest lego model.

Email your drawings so we can share them.  Thank you!


PE with Joe Wicks.   Live 9am Monday to Friday. 

The children have really enjoyed joining in. 

Copy and paste the link below into your browser to join in and keep healthy.


Create an animated scene on purple mash, you can draw people , animals anything! -  see if you can change the background. I have assigned this project on purple mash just log in and have fun!!


Why not start a diary or journal starting today.

DAY 1.....

You can draw pictures of what you have done at home, how you are feeling etc.

Use scraps of paper to staple together or create it on your computer. In years to come you might look back and think did it really happen? How long did I actually stay at home?

Your diary or journal will be a little piece of history!!!