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Homework will start Monday 18th September 2023


Mondays: Spellings 


Wednesdays: Reading comprehension 


Fridays: Maths 


Children will have 1 week to hand in their homework (for example, spelling homework will be set on a Monday and due in the following Monday) unless otherwise stated. 


There is still an expectation that children are reading at home throughout the week and answering the reading task questions in their homework books.  We will expect this to be monitored in their reading records.


They will be given a writing/reading homework book.  These need to be looked after and most reading and writing homework will need to be done in here unless told otherwise (there may be some reading comprehension homework on sheets throughout the year.  This does not need to be stuck into their homework books). 


Passwords will be given out prior to the first homework set online and the children will be familiarised with any new learning platform in school before the homework goes home. 


If homework or reading is not being completed on a regular basis, I will be in contact to see why this is not being done.  They will always be given a day's grace to hand it in late. 

The quantity is a step up from what they have been expected to complete in previous years, but it is in preparation for secondary school.