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52 Lives project

52 Lives
On Friday 17th January, we had a visitor come to our school from 52 lives charity. Greig explained to us that 52 Lives try to change someone’s life every week of the year by inspiring others to be kind.
‘We believe kindness has the power to change the world.’
- 52 Lives website

Greig delivered a fantastic assembly to the whole school explaining what kindness is, how we can be kind in our local community as well as how we can show kindness to people we have never even met!
We were introduced on the slideshow to a girl named Sasha, aged 15. She was being bullied quite badly at school and didn’t want to go back. She also didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere. As a school, this upset us as we try so hard to treat others as we wish to be treated therefore we decided to do something about it. Greig encouraged us to make gifts to send to Sasha to make her smile again. We made some amazing gifts from bunting with lovely pictures on to butterflies with positive affirmations. We also wrote some thoughtful poems and letters to Sasha.
Greig is going to deliver these gifts to Sasha and hopefully our acts of kindness will let her know that she is loved and she will get through this difficult time in her life. She will always have friends at St Gildas!
It was a fantastic morning and we really appreciate 52 Lives for coming to our school to spread their message of kindness. Thank you in particular to Greig who really inspired us all, children and staff to step back and think of how we can spread kindness through just doing little things. These little differences can make a huge difference to other people’s lives. We would also like to thank Jaime, the founder of 52 Lives for the generous donation of her book ‘Kindness - The Little Thing That Matters Most’.
We hope other schools will get as much out of it as we did and we hope to continue sharing the message of kindness in our everyday lives.