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End of the school year

This year will be very different, and many of the 'normal' traditions will not be able to take place.  Miss Dyer is working on how Year 6 will be able to celebrate, both before the holidays and after.  Further information about this will be sent out when things are finalised.

Many parents will want to say thank you in different ways to the staff who have helped their child(ren) this year.  Staff do not expect gifts so please do not feel that you need to buy anything, a small hand made card or gift will be lovely.  If you are wanting to send gifts in these will either need to be brought in by the children or taken to the main entrance where a member of staff will accept them.  The staff are looking at putting together a collection of donations for a stroke related charity, which has supported Mrs Pennell during her rehabilitation.  If you would like to make a contribution or donation please put this in a sealed envelope and label it donation.

Please remember we do not expect anything but a thank you card or email would be appreciated.


Alison Frost