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Reopening questions

Will my child need to wear uniform?

We will be asking for children to return in their school uniform but we will be mindful that some children will have grown and so we will not expect you to buy new uniform.  Uniform MUST be washed regularly to minimise the risk of infection from germ carrying.


How will you maintain social distancing?

Great question!  As far as is possible children will remain 2 meters apart.  Children may come in to contact with each other during the day but staff will ensure thorough hand washing when this happens.


Will my child need to wear PPE?

Government guidance suggests that PPE is not needed in schools, but if you want your child to wear it you can supply it.  Staff will have access to PPE if needed and face shields, masks, aprons and gloves will be available in the first aid room if a child or member of staff is showing symptoms.


Will my child be in a smaller class?

We will aim to split the classes in to smaller groups of no more than 15.  Each group will, hopefully, have 2 members of staff.


Will my child change groups?

No, children will always remain with the same children and will not mix with anyone else in the school.  


I have a child in one of the classes and another in a class not coming back, what should I do?

If you are a key worker then your other child can join the key worker child care group.  As this is a group with various ages the focus in not on academic work but more on completion of home learning and emotional work.


Will classes be focusing on academics?

Yes there will be a focus on new teaching but there will also be a lot of work around building relationships and emotional well-being.


Will my child be able to attend early arrivals and after school club?

As children are not allowed to mix with other groups of children we have had to make the decision that only children in the key worker class will be able to attend early arrivals.  There will be no after school provision until we are able to mix children more freely.


I don't know what to do, can you make the decision for me?

No, sorry.  I would not be opening the school to more children if I didn't think it was safe for all involved.  I can not guaranty that we will be 'germ free' but we will do everything we are guided to to minimise risk for all.


Who will monitor the safety of everyone in the school?

I will be completing numerous risk assessments which will follow the Government guidance.  These risk assessments will be monitored by the Governing Body, who will make the ultimate decision about whether we will reopen or not.  These risk assessments will be updated regularly to ensure we are up to date with the latest Government guidance.


If you have anymore questions please either email the school office or call during school hours.