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Parking and irresponsible driving

Please ensure you have read the letter sent out this week regarding irresponsible parking and driving.  I have spoken to the Police again and the traffic wardens and traffic police will be visiting the school during drop off and pick up times and will be prosecuting anyone seen breaking the law. 

2 cars have almost hit children this week by mounting the pavement in their haste to park.  I have reported both cars to the traffic police as neighbours and parents have passed on the registration details and a description of each car.

1 car constantly parks on the double yellow lines and yellow zig zag lines.  Again I have reported this car to the traffic police as the driver is breaking the law.

We need to keep the children and adults of St Gildas safe and irresponsible driving is not helping us to do this effectively.  Please stop and think. 

UPDATE: After speaking to Somerset Highways they have informed me that irresponsible parking can be reported by anyone via email to either or