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School closure

Big thanks to everyone for your help and support in our efforts to keep the school open for some children.  If you haven’t contacted requesting a place including your reasons, you must do this before Monday or we will be refusing entry. If you have received confirmation of a space then please follow the guidance in the letter.  Please do not be offended by us asking your child to wash their hands on entry and we will be limiting the amount of people on the school site, so please only 1 person to bring each child into school.  Remember non-school uniform is ok as we will be expecting clothes to be washed daily.  Again please do not be offended if we mention this to you, it is recommended that all clothes are washed after being outside.

Hopefully this will not last as long as we are being told but we will keep you as up to date and informed as we can.

Take care and stay safe.  God bless

Mrs Frost and all staff at St Gildas