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Schools reopening update

Tuesday 12th May

Good evening everyone.  Things have become a bit clearer today with the release of the guidance.  I can assure you all that we will not be doing anything unless it is safe for the children, families, staff and their families.

Within the guidance for schools it states: 

"Now that we have made progress in reducing the transmission of coronavirus we are encouraging all eligible children to attend - it is no longer necessary for parents of eligible children to keep them at home if they can."  If you believe your child could be in school e.g. a parent is a key worker or your family is vulnerable please contact school to secure a place.  We will need to monitor amounts of children to ensure we can staff this adequately.  

Here is the link for the parent guidance on schools reopening.  Please read through it and if you have any questions or queries please email them to me via the school office.


Over the next week I will be risk assessing for reopening and I will let you know what will be happening as soon as I can.  Please continue to complete home learning as best you can, but really focus on emotional well-being, we will be continuing this focus when we do reopen the school.


Stay safe and keep looking at the website and emails for updates.


Alison Frost