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Weather forecast

With the threat of sleet and snow I have updated the emergency closure information, this is in the Head's letters section of the website.

We will only make the decision to close the school if weather conditions deteriorate significantly and travelling becomes dangerous for staff and families.  As far as we can, we will ensure the school remains open.  Many of our staff travel significant distances to school and I will not force anyone to travel in dangerous conditions.

Please ensure you read the letter as this will explain where you will be able to find information about closures, the main place being this website.  If we decide to close the school during the school this will be due to safety concerns for pupils, parents and staff.  If you think this may happen please make sure you keep communication lines with school open.  Last time we had to close this was done through an email and updates on the website and local radio stations.  We are currently unable to send around text messages.  If you think this might happen please call the school to check.