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Year 3

Year 3 Spanish Summer 2  (week 12 from 13 July- Transition Week)

 ¡ Hola Year 3! smiley 


I will not be setting any more Spanish this week as you have lots to be getting on with. You can always choose another topic from Linguafun if you have finished all the work.


Remember to keep practicing your Spanish during the holidays, especially if we have a rainy day - let's hope not too many!. I will leave my work up until the end of August if you wish to finish anything, you just have to scroll down.


If you would like to do a Spanish holiday activity, go to the following site. It is a Spanish Activity Calendar. Go to the day of the week, click on the activity and have a go:


I am going to leave you with the Spanish Ocean song that we learnt: Un Pulpito (little octopus or slippery fish)


Ya nos vemos/I'll see you in September in Year 4, where we will be learning some more about Spain and  did you guess the story that 'la Mariposa' is in? You guessed it, it is Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar. I have decided we'll start with that story in year 4. Make sure you know your 'days of the week'and 'fruit'in Spanish.


Have a lovely holiday,

Señora Blackledgesmiley


Year 3 Spanish Summer 1: