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Year 3

¡Hola Year 3!  

Welcome to your Spanish class page. I will be posting topics that we have been learning each week for you to practice at home. Please have a go.

Little and often will help you to learn Spanish smiley



Autumn 2/ Otoño 2 (2020)

¡Hola!  (24th November/24 de noviembre) - This week (week 11), We are learning our numbers 1-15 in Spanish.

 For homework/deberes (or Home Learning if you are not in school): Please watch the clip from lightbulb languages teaching numbers up to 15. We will also be watching this in class. Do the Spanish reading activity and when you have finished, play the number games up to 15, which I am posting below. As promised last week,  we will be meeting 'Muzzy, el grande Muzzy' I am posting the first episode here.

Next week we will be using our numbers to say how old we are in Spanishsmiley

Spanish For Kids. Muzzy In Gondoland - Episode 1. Spanish lessons for children by the BBC's Muzzy

¡Hola!  (17th November/17 de noviembre) - This week (week 10), We are learning our numbers 1-10 in Spanish.

 For homework/deberes (or Home Learning if you are not in school): please log on to Linguafun and complete Unit 2 vamos a contar (to learn numbers 1-10 in Spanish)

Have a go at the work sheet for this unit and watch the Spanish Pocoyo. We are watching this in class today smiley I am also posting a 'knowledge organiser'(from lightbulb languages) with all the vocabulary and language we will be learning for numbers.

Next week we will be learning our Spanish numbers to 15

Spanish 7: numbers 1 to 10

Enabling children to count to 10 in Spanish and to sing a song.

🎶 😊 Spanish Number Song 😊 Spanish Counting Song 1-10, Spanish song for counting to ten by Miss Rosi

This is a simple children's song in Spanish by Miss Rosi to teach counting and the numbers one to ten. The written numeral is shown along with the same numbe...

¡Hola!  (10th November/10 de noviembre) - This week (week 9), We are going to make our own Spanish Mini-book Library. Today we will be making two mini books. We'll add to these at the end of each topic :) For homework/deberes: please log on to Linguafun and complete Unit 1 Greetings(I sent out the log ins before half term) When you have completed the unit quiz you can print out the certificate, I am posting it here. If you can't print, just let me know and I'll print it out for you smiley I am also posting a small Spanish conversation for you to practice at home.

Next week we will be learning our Spanish numbers to 10

Las Vocales song from Baila Baila


¡Hola!  (3rd November/3 de noviembre) - This week (week 8), We are practicing  our language from before half term: How to say our name (me llamo...) and How we are feeling ( Estoy bien, mal, regular Please watch the video clip by Clare Seccombe. Practice the simple conversation using puppets or family :) Sing the Adiós (good bye) song.


Spanish 3: saying goodbye

Enabling children to say goodbye in Spanish and to take part in a short conversation.

Adiós, Adiós | Canciones Infantiles | Super Simple Español

Autumn 1 / Otoño 1 (2020)

Hola  (20th October) - This week (week 7), I will be sending home the Linguafun log in details for your child to have fun learning and consolidating their Spanish at home. I would like them to do the unit 1 topic: ¡Buenos días! ¿Cómo estás? (Good morning, how are you?) We have been learning how to say our name and how we are feeling this half termPupils can practice the language and play the activities. If they complete the unit1 quiz, you can print the certificate out for your child. I am posting the unit1 certificate pdf for you. If you do not have a printer, let me know (by email) and I will print it out for you.  

I am so proud of how well year 3 are doing in their Spanish this half term, Well done! Have a lovely and restful halfterm holiday. 

Autumn 1 2020: Worksheets and certificate for unit 1 Linguafun

Week 6, lesson 5:: saying hello and saying how you feel in Spanish

Buenos Dias - Hello song in Spanish - Basho & Friends

A great way to wake up!! Learn Spanish the fun way!!!

Week 5, yr 3 Spanish homework: Saying your name 'me llamo'..

Week 4/ Lesson 3 | Eres Mi Amigo (you are my friend) | Bilingual Spanish Children Song with BASHO & FRIENDS

Week 3 and 4/ Lesson 2 and 3 /Spanish 2: saying what your name is and asking others their name

Song for Lesson 2: Me llamo, me llamo

This is an introductory song with visuals that teaches students to introduce themselves in Spanish. The music is by Brooks Linder.

Week 2/Lesson 1 Spanish(5) : saying yes and no

Enabling children to say yes and no in Spanish and to sing a song.

Song from CantaJuego - Con Mi Dedito

Year 3 Spanish Lockdown learning/Summer 2 - 2020
Year 3 Spanish lockdown learning Summer 1