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Year 6

Week beg 13/07


Hello! Last week of term! :)


Hope you have been able to have a go at the musical activities I have been putting up here and enjoyed learning some new songs.


To round off the term here is a  link to some YCC Kids Songs that the young people from my church have put together. (My Lighthouse and Be Happy are my faves!)

They are fun to join in with and remind us that Jesus is always with us no matter what we are doing or where we are.


I am sorry not to be able to say goodbye to you in person but will be praying that you all have a great time at your new schools in September. Keep on singing and making music! 

Have a wonderful summer!


Take care and God bless

Mrs Bowsher

Week beg 6/07


This week I would like you to look at this lesson about singing in major and minor keys.

It uses the solfa system which we did look at briefly when we learnt Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music. Here's a little reminder of the original with the lovely Julie Andrews.


Here is a version using the solfa hand signs. See if you can learn them and sing along.

Week beg 29/06


Thinking about the Olympics this week and in particular Japan, (who would have hosted this year) here are some clips to watch and compare. The song is a traditional Japanese folk song firstly played on the Koto. (You may remember it from year 2!)


This one is played by a small orchestra


This version you can sing along to in Japanese!


How are the versions different? Think about tempo and pitch as well as arrangements and instruments. What sort of mood and emotions does it envoke?


This song uses the pentatonic scale which we have experimented with before. If you have a keyboard at home try making up your own melody using all the black notes.

Week beg 22/06


Thinking about Black Lives Matter this week have a listen to some of these songs following the link below. You will hopefully remember Something inside so strong that we've learnt before.

Try learning and singing along to Raise my voice and Lean on me.


Think about who  you are leaning on at the moment and is there anyone you can help support?

Also what are the issues you would like to raise your voice about? Maybe you can write some lyrics and put it to a simple tune? If you have a way of recording it I would love to hear it.


Have a listen to the Sounds from Kenya clip

Week beg 15/06


Hello there,


I saw this amazing body percussion duet and thought you'd love it. Have a look...


Now join in with this body percussion workshop. You'll need a bit of space but give it a go.


Finally watch the Hall of the body percussion king.You should recognise the music.


Can you make up some simple body percussion to go with one of your favourite songs?

Practise it and perform it to a family member.


Week beg 8/05


This week we are going to learn the song Mama don't allow, which I have half taught you already but this version has a really nice body percussion accompaniment as well. Once you have sung along remember to look at the activities as there are some good ideas of extra things to do there.

Try to make up some more Papa/sister/Grandma don't allow....


As part of our Under the sea theme here is a fun song from the little mermaid for you to sing along to. Love this song! Hope you enjoy it too :)

Week beg June 1st


Hello, hope you all had a good half term and have been enjoying the sunshine :)


This week we are going to be thinking about exploring our emotions in music. Listening to or playing music can be such an emotional experience. A familiar melody can bring comfort or stir up a memory or just make us want to get up and dance. The lesson below explains how we can think of relating different sounds to colours. Have a go and enjoy learning George Ezra's song Pretty Shining People.

Week beg 18/05


Hi there,

This week have a look at this lesson on harmony (extra notes above or below the tune)

It will teach you how to sing a harmony to a song with some fun examples from the Pentatonix to listen to.


After the lesson see if you can sing a harmony line to one of your favourite songs or pick out a harmony line when you listen to songs on the radio or TV.

Keep singing and hopefully we can all sing together again soon!

Here is a beautiful song that I want to share with you all. It's called The Blessing and the words are a promise taken from the bible. This version sung by children is particularly lovely and this is my prayer to you all over this difficult time. I hope it speaks to you heart. Make sure you share it with your adults. God bless you all.

Week beg 11/05


Hi there,

Here are the lyrics (Very simple!) to our song this week which is a funky hip hop version of a spiritual Ain't gonna let nobody


Follow this link for the performance track along with some other inspirational songs you may like to sing along with. (Eye of the tiger is one of my faves!)


Here is an extra link to follow which is a lesson which shows the difference between pulse and rhythm (although you should already know it's a good reminder and has the Oleo song we learnt with our African topic)


Week beg 4/5/20


Hi again, we now have access to the singup at home site which has loads of fun songs and activities so I will be sharing a different link each week. There will be a song to listen to and learn and various things to do related to that song. Look in 'Activities' or the 'Pupil pack'.


This week look up One in a million

It celebrates the power of working together which is something we are even more aware of now.

Hope you enjoy learning it and singing along. Maybe you can perform it to your family?


This link doesn't have  an activity or pupil pack so...

If you have a keyboard or instrument that plays a melody you could try playing along to the music in the 'Voices and accompaniment score'. If not, use the score to remind yourself of the notes on the stave. (Remember Face in the Space song!)


If you are still working on your Garage band composition then keep going. Maybe think about adding some more sounds to thicken out the sound (texture) I would love to hear them one day!



Week beginning 27.04.20


Hello there, hopefully you have found this page where I will be putting your work on for the next few weeks till we're back to school.


Those of you who have Garage band can continue with your compositions. This week you can explore melody line loops. These can include any instruments which play a tune such as xylophone, saxophone, flute, trumpet etc. Have an experiment and try to find a sound that goes well with the groove of your rhythm track you made last week. If you play an instrument and feel confident, try playing in an actual tune on the keyboard or piano to add to your piece.  Here is another link to look at if you need help.


If you don’t have access to Garage band or an ipad but have a smart phone or android tablet, there are other music apps which include composing. See what you can find.

Or if you don’t have access to any of the above, you can still make music up using the things you have around you. If you have a keyboard, ukulele or recorder, see if you can make up a tune. Try writing it down on the stave. (Remember the face in the space song.) If you have no instruments you can always use your voice and add body percussion! Happy composing!