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Year 4

Year 4 Summer 2

Hola Year 4 (week beginning 13/07/20)  Transition Week 12 

I will not be setting any more Spanish this week as you have lots to be getting on with. You can always choose a topic from Linguafun to learn if you have finished your work.


Remember to keep practicing your Spanish during the holidays, especially if we have a rainy day - let's hope not too many!. I will leave my work up until the end of August if you wish to finish anything. 


If you would like to do a Spanish holiday activity, go to the following site. It is a Spanish Activity Calendar. Go to the day of the week, click on the activity and have a go:


I am going to leave you with the Spanish Ocean song that we learnt: Un Pulpito (little octopus or slippery fish)


Ya nos vemos/I'll see you in September in Year 5, where we will be leaving Spain for a bit and visiting South America!


Have a lovely holiday,
Señora Blackledgesmiley



Hola, this week we are looking at the topic, 'Parks'(Parques en español) I can't think of anything nicer than being able to go for a walk in the park with friends and family followed by a delicious picnic smiley With that in mind, we are finishing our topic on 'Food' and learning how to order drink as well as food in a restaurant or at a shop for a picnic!

¡Muy importante!

We're also looking at some Spanish National Parks (follow this link):  

and a Spanish aquatic park (follow this link):

Although, I think I'm looking forward just to be able to go for a swim in the sea (even it is colder than in Spain!) Be sure to check out the link in this week's lesson pdf on how to make a Paella. It is very relaxing and very delicious smiley

Year 4 Spanish Summer 1