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Year 4

¡Hola Year 4!  

Welcome to your Spanish class page. I will be posting topics that we have been learning each week for you to practice at home. Please have a go. 

Remember, little and often will help you to learn Spanish more quickly smiley

Autumn 2 / Otoño 2 (2020)

¡Hola!  (24th November/24 de noviembre) - This week (week 11),

Continuing with our topic on 'La familia' (the family). We will learn how to say 4 new members of the family: tío (uncle) tía (aunt) primo (boy cousin) prima (girl cousin) We will also have a closer look at the Spanish Royal Family tree and we will listen to a Spanish song about our family: Somos una piña (Our family is a tribe) I wonder why they use a 'pineapple' to describe families?! Let me know what you think.....

Home Learning and Home Work (deberes): If you didn't do this last week, go to Linguafun and finish unit 5 'Mi Familia' Today in class, I will be asking pupils to draw and label a picture of their family. Please look at the following pdf for vocabulary, ideas and title. I would like you to hand this in next week. ¡ Gracias !

 Next week we will make our Year 4 Spanish mini-library smiley

¡Hola!  (17th November/17 de noviembre) - This week (week 10),

We are starting our new topic on 'La familia' (the family). Today we will learn how to say 6 members of the family and how to say their names. We will also have a look at the Spanish Royal Family. Do you know the name of the Spanish King? Do you know who will rule after him? Do some research and see if you can find out....

Home Learning and Home Work (deberes): Go to Linguafun and have a go at unit 5 'Mi Familia' Do the Linguafun worksheet on 'mi familia' and have a go at the unit quiz. If you pass then print out the certificate and let me know smileyHome Learners, watch the following clip to learn family vocabulary and listen to the song.

 Next week we will be learning how to say how old brothers and sisters are in  'Mi familia'.

Spanish 20: saying 6 members of the family and their names

Enabling children to say 6 family words and to say what the names of the family members are using se llama.

¡Hola!  (10th November/10 de noviembre) - This week (week 9),

We are listening to the traditional Spanish story about Don Quixote de la Mancha (Y Sancho Panza)  We will be practising our Spanish by pretending to be a Don or a Doña.

Follow the BBC link to listen to the story again and have another go at the quiz. Also listen to a song about the infamous 'Don Quixote de la Mancha' smiley I wonder, do you know what the expression 'tilting at windmills' means? See if you can find out enlightened

 Next week we will be starting a new Spanish topic on 'Mi familia'.

¡Hola!  (3rd November/3 de noviembre) - This week (week 8),

We are making Spanish bookmarks for our reading books! Using the language we revised last halfterm. See the link below if you are not in my lesson today and make one at home. Or, make a bookmark for home anyway. The more the merrier!

We will also be catching up with the adventures of our big, green, friend Muzzy - el grande Muzzy (nuestro amigo verde)


First unit of Muzzy Spanish (from Spain). Muzzy Español.

Autumn 1 / Otoño 1 (2020)

Hola smiley (20th October) - This week (week 7), I will be sending home the Linguafun log in details for your child to have fun learning and consolidating their Spanish at home. I would like them to practice the units 1-3 and unit 10 which cover the topics we have been revising this Autumn1: Saying your name, how you are feeling, numbers to 20 and colours  Pupils can practice the language and play the activities. They can also watch the revision videos and sing the songs we have been learning (see below).

Year 4 have worked hard in Spanish this half term, Well done!

Have a lovely and restful half term holiday. 


¡Hola! Year 4 (week/semana 6 -15 de octubre)

This week we are revising our Spanish colours, listening to the story of Elmer the elephant in Spanish: Elmer el elefante de colores and we are designing and describing our own 'Elefante'. Have fun choosing a name!

Revision Spanish video clips and songs for year 4

Week 6, lesson 5, Revision Spanish, Saying your colours in Spanish

Enabling children to say 6 colours in Spanish.

Spanish 9: saying 5 more colours

Enabling children to say 5 more colours in Spanish.

A story with Señora Stevens - Los Colores de Elmer

Señora Stevens introduces us to another of her friends and reads Los Colores de Elmer.

Los Colores - Bilingual song for kids - Learn colors in Spanish


Week 5, lesson 4, Revision Spanish 18: saying your age

Enabling children say their age in Spanish, using the numbers up to 15

Numbers Song in Spanish. Canción de los números de BASHO & FRIENDS

Week 4/Lesson 3/Revision Spanish 1: saying hello and saying how you feel

Week 4: Learn Spanish alphabet and vowels with BASHO & FRIENDS - El Alfabeto

Week 3/ Lesson 2/Revision Spanish 2: saying what your name is and asking others their name

Year 4 Spanish lockdown learning Summer 2
Year 4 Spanish Summer 1