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Year 4

Year 4 Summer 2

Hola Year 4 (week beginning 29/06/20)  Olympics Week 10

This half of the summer term, we will be busy finishing off 'parts of the body', learning numbers up to 50, and learning some 'food vocabulary'.There's lots to do and extra Spanish challenges. Make sure you do some Spanish every week, little and often is the best way to learn a language


Hola, this week you are looking at the Olympics and you may be designing your own 'Olympic Mascot. I'm posting a 30 minute clip from 123Andres about an 'imaginary pet'. Remember that in Spanish a pet is called 'mascota' so this is 'una mascota imaginaria'. I wonder what your mascota imaginaria would be? Don't forget to do your Olympic Spanish pdf following this :)

Year 4 Spanish Summer 1